Deffki! Che was !!

In my colleague's what happened.
 In the evening, coming home from work, she took off her pants with tights. In the morning I decided to wear the same pants, but did not find the closet tights and put others. As it turned out, trying to stay in the pants, and all the while she was walking to work, old tights slid down and dragged her train, collecting candy wrappers, cigarette butts, leaves and other debris. Arriving at work, we almost did not die laughing, and she did not realize until recently what was the matter, as stockings hanging in the back).

Answers to the message:

Yes, it happens.

I, too, was such. But I found that pantyhose sticking out in the street. Here and I stuffed them in both shoes, but particularly disgraced.

And as the name of your colleague? and I also recently about a colleague is heard just the other day?

Yeah situation! And I have all the time habit (very old from school) .Nachinaya apply makeup, I draw eyebrows, lip contour and then, and then the rest of it! So I go to the full marofffete and contour on the lips! :))))) I forget to make up lipstick! I can come to work or friction, and deffochki neigh and silent !!!

Scream! poor! She was walking to work?

I'm with a counterweight, just wet, slush, after the tram went through the park! Then, still trying to get out, they pull zastryali.A between his legs had to be sure, because there was in a boutique to buy a dress svabebnoe cousin 2400 bucks!

Spare right now, I would die of laughter! How did you unscrew?

Yes, that's so stood aside (no bushes, only alleys, and along the edges, snowdrifts), and around his uncle with dogs, moms with sleigh, lifted her leg and tyanuuuuu! A second kolgotkina foot caught between the legs and the first gryaznuchaya, zhut.Kolgotki tyayayanutsya, guys look full of horror! Laugh or cry! And almost at the same place, but earlier in the summer and my skirt came at boot time on the tram! The skirt is straight with all the ass moved out, I trusah.Zdrasti-in!

And I went to the Carnival son-nearly got burned, frozen feet and stockings, too, and they sehali creature and began to descend every step, thankfully no stockings)))))) upalib is, in short, I looked for a long time where you can bydo lifted her skirt and tighten kolgotki- but did not find, so up to the house and hobbled gait of a Geisha, and tights with butterflies p 425))))) horror

One man went for a walk with the dog, the dog ate his wife's pantyhose and could not defecate, the man in the suit all the beautiful ass of a dog pulling the 2 meter pantyhose, people dying with laughter

By the way dogs are often guzzle tights, personally watched as the mother-in-their asses her beloved poodle package vytaskivala- spectacle even then, it is too long in the ass ridden.

And I have my grandmother's dog was pulling a sock on the street. I remember ... disgrace ... and she (the dog) is still an asshole went on the grass ...

I was so, too, the truth did not come out and tights are not dragged. They felt the I, when the village and ponyla that I there something interferes.

Oh, and I had such a situation. I'm crawling tights for me was riding the subway and thought that everyone was looking at me. because I have such fildepersovaya scales, and the girls then at the Institute bellow all day to tears.
 And I had a joke in times of scarcity. The Institute srach dismantled so that kapets and now I sit on the toilet in the pose of an eagle and hear in the hallway screaming "In Mozhaiskom lacquer give polish" My excitement knew no bounds and I jumped from the shock and flew out into the hallway and yell, "Wait do not go away, I'm with you "only then noticed that I no pants.

And somehow I got up, got dressed and went to the meeting with the future participants of the exhibition, shorter office Tetra -pak and just came from a meeting realized that sweater I wore on his back in front, back and smooth in front pigtail (ideally) .
 A friend here recently, going out of the house took a pack of cigarettes, went to work dropped on the table. And I think, well so stinks gobies, well where. It was only when she was summoned to smoke a pack it opened. Just at home on the table after a small celebration were 3 packs, almost complete, sealed and gobies. I then told her that it's a pity none of her superiors did not come to ask for a cigarette, they sometimes are engaged

And in our school was a day when we have not learned, and went to the practice, rather learn a thread of the profession, there are also classes, pupils from all schools in the district, we are there koimpyuternoy literacy obuchalis.Ya came once in the locker room chimeric hee ha ha, roll, walk over to the mirror ... I'm in a sweater and "ordinary" pantyhose are on their abominable ass 2 seam! I forgot to wear jeans!

And I wore tights, T-shirt and black top apron. A dress to wear forgotten :)))

It was in the early 90s ... Makeup was not dostat.I like many other young ladies enjoyed instead of rouge lipstick, t.e.provodila lipstick on the cheeks, and then shade ... I'm going to work on me smotryat.Muzhchiny ulybayutsya.Ya - nose up, well, I think - look Sedna good ... On the long bellow to see two bands on the cheeks like indeytsa.I because none su.a not say (from women, I mean). :)

A friend got married, impossibly beautiful. So this beauty for half a year before the wedding front teeth knocked out, and that's all the time inplantanty fell. She eats apple and teeth in it. Unsuccessful inserted, and then the wedding. And all the wedding she chewed gum to stick to teeth, and the teeth fall out, and it was the old woman naturel Izergil

I had a :) Just me in the store said that to me some rag clung :) And it was got out soaked kolgotina :)

gee! also did not find one ... tights down, they did not descend, but very appetizing protruding hump on my ass ... I wonder what options come to mind to people when they watched sort of sticking seal in the priests?
 and even once bought stockings drop dead, gathered on a date, and they, contagion, began to crawl (such as a loose, can be seen at the feet of gum adjoined). Oh, damn, I'm with them and namuchalas the subway while to get there. darkness.
 And I had someone on the cigarette burned a hole in the skirt. In the middle was a banquet on the occasion of a holiday, people smoked seen someone flicked a cigarette butt. toklko get home, I found a big hole burns almost at the level of the priests, in the back. (and when seared, not felt since sitting is seen on a stool and skirt - flared - hung on a chair)

And my sister lover body, and so it is often forgotten after using the toilet so that he has ... and so it is on top of clothes hung out :) and once one guy said - the girl you have there suit hanging back :)!

I often ran the skirt stockings, but then at school ... :)

Girls, stay! I decided at night, somehow make fun of her husband! Make up his nails bright light green paint when spal.Utrom not noticed, went to a business meeting, and then director, business partners! I notice when it all started, put his hands on the table! Neperedovaemye feeling talking about! He jumped up, and I'm sorry vyskochil.Vybezhal office, reached the blezhayshego magician frantically wiped! The next day, the director asks, "Vyacheslav, what shadows are using" .If it were not for his sense of humor, I would have been killed!

I do not remember how old I was still at school, but then I had a jacket with shoulder pads. So as it is not a discotheque, I took it off, and then he put them inside out and shoulders stick out. The huge such black against the light pidzhakai up so more.
 Girlfriends almost died with laughter and most importantly my serious face

Husband said. In St. Petersburg travel in the bus, two cadet morehodki, well, who are always anxious. A girl sitting next to, well, very beautiful. And in the hands of her child about five years old. Well, the guys are starting to stick, though to a child, but beautiful in the extreme, can not resist ... And her face closed, boarded up with plywood eyes - well, he did not react, sitting - inflates cheeks. They have asked the boy, "What have you got so angry mom?" And he says the whole trolley "She was not angry, Uncle, she wants to defecate, and far from home ..." There's all so bellow nearly fell.

We had a homecoming, my girlfriend came overdressed all, but a price tag in the jacket, which was hanging on the back. We tried it its bite (in the picture), then the lighter perezhgli, but neighing.

He writes one that my husband has made up nails! and about nego.pri washing beach, tight swimming trunks, sold thread, and I think then zashyu.i zabyla.priehali to the beach, my husband went to pereodevalku.vyhodit, smiling, so happy soboy.i a sudden, I see, yes He sticks one egg!


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