Extraordinary chocolate (25 photos)

Every year in Berlin, an exhibition «Import Shop», in which producers and traders from different countries sell all kinds of goods.
I would like to focus on one stand sweet chocolate that the Italians brought to the exhibition.
Also, you will see a continuation of chocolate counters of department store KaDeWe.

Author: Going to the stand, a couple of seconds, I could not understand why someone might need rusty old pliers, tools and nails in a souvenir pack (!).

But it turned out that it was chocolate! Very realistic, it should be noted.

Italian manufacturers are betting on chocolate gift. For example, for girls:

Gourmet. Photo: bun, slice of cheese, cheese grater, something cold. And all sweet.

For lovers of horses and riding.

Noticed the chocolate false teeth on the previous photograph? :)

Flavor of roasted caramelized almond find another sweet stand. You can feel the approach of Christmas.


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