And the smoke of burnt-spammers us sweet and pleasant

- Hello, doctor.
 - Last name, place of work?
 - Petrov, working in the electronic marketing.
 - Sorry? This company is the title?
 - I have work. E-marketing. Advertising on the Internet, direct mail ...
 - AAAA. What do you have?
 - You know, doctor, I have a small problem ...
 - A small penis? We suggest you increase it for free!
 - What do you mean? No, you know ...
 - Do not yulite here! Minor problems - a small penis. Enlardzh IT odds fries!
 - Doctor, stop it! Normally I have everything.
 - A problem?
 - They are small!
 - We will increase the odds of fries?
 - We will not! Shrink will.
 - Penis?
 - Problems!
 - You have problems? Come for a two-day seminar psychiatrists Alapayevsk be held on November 10th. The program ...
 - You are going to listen to me?
 - Yes Yes?
 - The doctor at me here on the little finger ...
 - ABOUT!!! Do you want to increase your odds of a little finger fries? To the size of your thumb? Thumb Peter Tsereteli first job? Fort fries of course! Without registering.
 - I've got a pimple appeared some ...
 - Come on, Come on? Oh, how little you have it ...
 - Stop! Do not increase it!
 - And here you are, and wrong, my friend!
 - I do not understand ... recommend the increase it?
 - No. You said, "Stop", whereas in American English it is necessary to say "Gestapo!". Want to brush up on American English?
 - You gave the Hippocratic Oath! You're going to help me?
 - Easily! And fast! We can help you! Register the company! For three days!
 - It hurts a little finger! I have! What to do?!
 - It is necessary to have a rest! You need to relax! Tours Sunday in Kazakhstan. Departure from Alma-Ata ...
 - Doctor!!!
 - Sit down and listen !!!
 - Yeah ... (sob) you remove something without reading ...
 - I'm your little finger squeezed a pimple on without looking - we're even!
 - Oh ... And the truth. Is that all?
 - No, not all. Pay a visit. With your $ 300?
 - Skooolko ?? For the pimple?
 - For traffic dead! But I have a pimple squeezed odds fries. Without registering.



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