15 rules for success in work and life!

1. Get out of your comfort zone and stay away from her.
When we're in our comfort zone, there is nothing that would be of value. People often say: "I'm concerned about security." My answer is simple: "Security is for cadavers».

2. Never give up.
On the first attempt, and almost never turns out nothing. If what you are doing is not working, it does not mean that this will continue. It means only that you have chosen the wrong approach. If it were easy, it would be involved in everything, and you would not have a chance to excel.

3. When you are ready to quit, you're closer than you think.
There is an old Chinese saying that I just love. Here it is: "The temptation to quit will be greatest just before the victory».

4. With respect to all those things that worries you, not only accept the worst that can happen, with the details to try to understand how it might look like the worst.
"The worst," the consequences can hardly be worse than the consequences of "undetermined." When I bent over backwards trying to run Parsons Technology, my father often told me: "Robert, if you do not succeed, you for it no one will eat».

5. Concentrate on your desires.
Remember the old adage: "Thoughts are material".

6. Take on as much work as you can do in one day.
No matter how difficult the situation is, you can still get out of it if you do not try to look too far into the future and refer to this. Any problem can be solved if she engaged in exactly the extent to which you can handle per day.

7. Always be moving forward.
Never stop developing. Never stop improving. Never stop doing something new. At the moment you stop trying to do their job better, it begins to die. Set a goal to get better every day, even in something small. The Japanese concept of kaizen: small daily improvements result in a great success.

8. Make decisions quickly.
Remember the words of General George Patton's "Lightning plan executed today is a thousand times better than a perfect plan tomorrow».

9. Measure everything for you significantly.
I swear it works. All that is constantly considered, measured and observed to be getting better.

10. All that is left unattended, destroyed.
If you want to look for yet unknown problems you carefully look at the things that have long ignored. I guarantee you that it is there and will be a problem.

11. Keep track of your competitors, but also closely monitor the self-employed.
When you study your competitors, remember that everything seems perfect from afar. Even the planet Earth, if far enough from it to fly off, looks like a peaceful place.

12. Never tell anyone let itself be intimidated.
In our legal society in conditions of equality, you have as much right to do their work as everyone else - provided, of course, that your case is not against the law.

13. Do not expect life to be fair.
Life is not fair. Concessions will be only if you arrange them yourself. You reach the goal only when the stop to think about justice.

14. You decide your problems.
As soon as you are able to find answers to your questions, you will become competitive. Masaru Ibuka, co-founder of Sony, has formulated this rule best: "You never will succeed in science, business or anything else, if you follow the other." There is an old Eastern proverb, which I often think about it. Here it is: "A wise man - himself the adviser."


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