20 good things that you can do today!

1.Priderzhite the door when you leave.
It would seem a simple rule of politeness, but how many people are in a hurry to forget about this simple little things. A man walking behind you will appreciate the fact that you were late for a second and held the door for him.

2. Take a small charity.
Disassemble finally their closets and unnecessary things and give clothes to the children's home or in another location, for example, where recently the disaster occurred (such charges are made on a regular basis). These things absolutely do not need you, but someone they bring joy, someone they will warm, and perhaps even save from death.

3. Be positive feedback about their favorite cafe.
We do not skimp on the negative reviews. It should offend us and learn about this friend from all social networks. When everything is fine, we are somehow not in a hurry to shout about it at all angles. If you like a coffee shop or even some place to post about it a positive review. You do not take a lot of time and cafes acquire several new customers. And your friends are sure to thank you for advice on a good place, where they spent a wonderful evening.

4. Turn in the blood.
If you are not too lazy to walk once to the point of giving blood, you've saved someone's life.

5. Try to spend some time volunteering at a nursing home.
Oh, it's not easy. One must have a certain temperament to spend at least a few hours in a nursing home, where there are mostly elderly people who probably too burden their loved ones, or they have no relatives. A few hours you spend with them for a conversation or a game that surely will remember it, because it will be an event for the elderly in a series of rather boring days.
6. Help to get used to new neighbors
In your new neighbors moving staircase? It would be nice to start to say hello to them. Offer relocation assistance may suggest something to answer questions. A few simple steps that will help you to strengthen good-neighborly relations, and, perhaps, to find new friends.

7. Route someone ahead in line at the supermarket.
If you have a shopping cart full of food, and for you in turn yearns buyer with a single bottle of water, why not pass it forward, especially if you are not too much in a hurry. I'm sure he will not only be very surprised, but also very grateful to you.
8. Send your friend a surprise gift
No need to wait for the holidays. Just after a good mood, send a friend, who lives in another city, a book or some trinket, but even just a postcard. Receive parcels are always so happy!
9. Bring something nice office
Why not treat their morning muffins or donuts colleagues? Why not drag the office of watermelon, for example, and do not eat it all together? The mood is certainly improved at all.
10. Offer your parking spot approaching cars.
Parked somewhere near the shopping center - is a real problem, especially during the holidays. If you are going to leave and, going to his car, pay attention to the driver who picks up a place to park, enter it, you leave right now, so he can slow down and stand in your place.

11. Help the motorist on the road.
If you are an experienced driver, and you can see that on the side of a car stopped with the activation of the alarm, stop and offer help.

12. Borrow someone in the queue a trifle.
If you stand behind someone in line at the box office, and suddenly a man lacks 50 cents to pay for a purchase, or no change to give without taking, lend it to him. It is clear that he will not return them to you, but it's not such a great value, and you get rid of a person having to give up one of his purchases. Yes, and all behind you will be grateful that you did not make them wait until the cashier will issue a cancellation product.

13. Offer your seat in the metro / bus / tram.
Here the matter concerns not only the elderly, which itself must give way.


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