Field of Dreams

Sometimes it is quite difficult to understand what guided the person performing some actions.
Well, for example, how people buy jeans halves (at the time the Union was distributed such kidok) because I understand, basically, somewhere deep down, that some dog is buried here, but ... This product is offered cheaper and temptation increases with hyperbole . This great temptation - buy at half price, for a third.
That's kind of Dzhalonta Freeman could not resist the temptation to buy a brand new iPad just four price - $ 200. The fact that this deal was offered a mysterious stranger in a raincoat at a gas station, where they stopped only to refuel, it does not seem to bother him. Or confusion gave way before the bonus of six hundred dollars. Officially - 800, and here only some two hundred. Deal of the year, then there.
Next - full Sharman. Man brings her something in the package, this package grub demonstrates logo - bitten apple, gets paid well and serving home. Madame trembling hand finally reveals the purchase, discovers instead of the expected product of Apple's normal mirror. Simply respectively decorated on the reverse side. Full Apofegey.
It is not good to laugh like that, but, frankly, stupid whinnying. Frankly - I think that these methods in the past. Where there! Yes, another nice detail. In an interview with the victim verbs that now, they say, and more - no, no. Any purchases with it. Of course!


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