Interesting facts about the game show Field of Dreams

Probably, each of you remember a TV show "Field of Miracles" Leonid Yakubovich. During its existence, which is more than 20 years, the transfer of acquired wide popularity, and the Museum of the program added a huge number of all kinds of gifts and souvenirs. Let us recall the most interesting facts about this legendary transmission.
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It is now difficult to imagine that this is just a domestic version of the American show Wheel of Fortune, that is "Wheel of Fortune." "Field of Dreams," "born" in a hotel room. In the book "Vlad leaves. Partisan Requiem "describes that Vladislav leaves and Anatoly Lysenko" while viewing in the hotel room the release of American Transmission Wheel of Fortune, created a capital-show ". The name of the creators borrowed from a fairy tale by Alexei Tolstoy's "The Golden Key, or Adventures of Pinocchio".

A prototype of "Fields of miracles" - the American show "Wheel of Fortune" - first aired January 6, 1975 at 10:30 am on the TV channel NBC. In August 1980, it was announced the withdrawal of the program off the air. But then the leadership of the channel, it was decided nevertheless to leave the broadcasts and cut for the sake of David Letterman's show from 90 to 60 minutes. "Wheel of Fortune" - one of the highest-rated show in the history of American television.

None of the existing domestic series and never dreamed of such a creative "Longevity" -but in spite of such a long history of leading the "Field of Miracles" was replaced only once, and it happened exactly a year after the premiere of the program. Then Vlad leaves passed "the baton" Leonid Yakubovich, who since then, which means that for 22 years, is the undisputed master and face the popular show "Field of Dreams."

Another interesting fact about the TV show. It turns out, on account of "Fields of miracles" multiple exit issues. The first, which was the topic of Spain, was shot in Barcelona. It was aired on December 25, 1992. The second "exit" the issue was April 23, 1993. His shot on the ship "Shota Rustaveli", which in March 1993 went to the first cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. The third was the release of Kiev. His shot in the Ukrainian capital. Live, he came out on December 16, 1994. There was another alleged African edition of "Field of Miracles", which aired March 31, 2000. The bottom line was that Leonid Yakubovich led him from Africa. In fact, the program is filmed in his studio, just rebuilt the African style, and Africans played regular students PFUR.

Gifts made Yakubovich participants of the show, you can not only see but also touch. Capital Museum show "Field of Miracles", which is constantly mentioned on the air, and where Leonid Yakubovich sends all brought him gifts, really exists. It is located in the pavilion "Central" All-Russia Exhibition Centre and has existed for 12 years. You can find the first box, "Fields of miracles", all the costumes that the air Jakubowicz tried on numerous portraits of the leading and more. It is noteworthy that the bulk of the exhibits can be touched by hands, take pictures and even try.



















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