Elephants do not pour

Jerome K.Dzheroma have a wonderful story, "Why we do not like foreigners," in which he describes, in a nightmarish creature turned peaceful Welsh pony when he was given to drink beer.
But the pony - with all due respect to them - horses rather compact and therefore much of a threat to others can not imagine. But if you flood the eyes bigger beast? And this is not one, but in a good company?
The beauty of communication with a herd of drunken elephants fully experienced the Indian village Dumurkota. It turns out that in that area grows a fruit - mahuva from which prepares quite a strong drink - from 25% to 45%, depending on age. So, a herd of elephants, smelled drink, raided the village, different pieces in half the local store, and after searching for supplements, several adjacent huts. Vylakali raiders in the aggregate more than five hundred liters of spirits, pretty pokurolesil, and only after that they succeeded in driving out of the village.
What is interesting to me personally - this is a comment spokesman police that, say, elephants already addicted to this case, the case is not the first and, most likely, they'll be back. Here's a question - how addicted? After a wild animal will not voluntarily consume. Who initiated? Or proximity with people inevitably leads to such an outcome?


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