Anecdote overnight%)

- Man, you been bad or good?
 - And who are you? Angel?
 - Man! I am a nurse!
 - Well, then, apparently, still poorly ...

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Quit Smoking - recovered on 3 kgs.
I start smoking again - she lost 3 kilograms, again quit smoking - again, plus 3 kg, once lit - minus 3 kg.
Tell me it is normal for a day?

Dialogue in the gynecologist's office:
 - Oh, Doctor - I tickled.
 - Excuse me - thought ...

Chinese Tea "Rui Deblyuy" acts on the brain responsible for hunger.
A friend of the 100-pound aunt prevratilsa slender lady in 40
kilogram. Who is in Durkee, but it looks awesome!
 © Cr. Burda

I sit at work (all on vacation), all alone, so boring! bought apples,
wash will not, tomorrow, even with worms hang out.

The child - the only thing in the house that has to be washed by hand.

 - I'm afraid of flying ...
 - And I am afraid of trains.
 - Trains something what?
 - Well, count, flying train ... Well it's n ** dec!

Fashion items - those that are worth buying if you do not have
brains and taste.

If you think this world is perfect, then you are either a god or a drink.

Do you know why Yushchenko's face is red?
 - Figures not smoke when gas stealing !!!

Family quarrel:
 - I'm not important to you, and my wallet!
 - I wanted to spit on your wallet, it is important to me the content!


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