Stylish laptop bag: Myth or Reality?

However, having looked carefully enough, you can find a better alternative. So, MetStyle offers laptop bags Tokio (photo 1) different shades of metal, which cost just $ 35 at the online store

If the bag can be called a work of art, the model of laptop from designer Lloyd Violet May fully deserves the name. True, the cost of such bags is solid - $ 695.63 Online (photo 2).

Patent leather has become quite fashionable material among designers of accessories and manufacturers of laptop bags this is no exception: for example, the Ansley bag worth 319 dollars online available in several shades of patent leather: beige (photo 3), red and chocolate. More democratic in terms of cost option - a model of Mango Tango bright cobalt blue hue (which will be one of the most stylish colors of the fall season), which costs just $ 45 at the online store (photo 4). Finally, such a solid fashion brand like Miu Miu, also took care of business woman, to create an elegant leather handbag soft neutral hue, which purchased for $ 950 you can in the online store Net-a-Porter (photo 5).


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