Milla Jovovich in the position

Milla Jovovich is pregnant!

The representative Milla confirmed the pregnancy and said that the parents love it.

Many believed that she could not get pregnant because of its excessive thinness, the actress has repeatedly talked about it.

"I would gladly gave birth to a child - complained beauty. - But my body will not allow me to get pregnant. " Being a brand and continued to star in big-budget films, Milla was afraid of losing form and exhausting her beautiful body strict diet.

"I need a year to rest, - she says - a square meal and ... Yep! It will happen. I'm not pregnant, not because so far I do not want that. " It was rumored that Milla Jovovich never be able to get pregnant, but, fortunately, the rumors were not confirmed anything.

With the baby's father, Paul Anderson Milla met in 2002 while filming

"Resident Evil", the work of Paul. A year later, the couple announced their engagement. Within four years, the parties agreed that, the cost.

"When we started dating, he gave me a luxurious antique ring - says happy Jovovich. - But then I have been shooting and training and I just could not wear this charm. I asked for something simpler and more modest, and he bought another. The date of our wedding we have not seriously discussed. However, I have a good friend in Italy. She comes from an ancient Italian family and they have a lock, so we are planning to get married there supposedly "- shared Jovovich.

Milla also told the press that is going to have at least three children, since she herself was a lonely childhood - without siblings.

For Anderson, it will be the first marriage, but Milla was married twice. The first time she jumped married in Las Vegas in 1992 for his colleague in the shooting of Sean Andrews. The girl was only 16 years, so that the marriage can be called a "mistake of youth." Milla's mother, Soviet actress Galina Loginova, hasty marriage annulled after a month. In 1997, the actress married the famous film director Luc Besson. A few years later they separated.

Fans Milla sincerely hopes that wedding, pregnancy and other family chores will not prevent Mille withdraw from Paul Verhoeven in the film adaptation of "Azazel».


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