Milla Jovovich: "I love to fight!"

Journalists love to write in Mila Russians and practical girl slyly accompanies them. "When you go back to Russia?" - Asks the newspaper. "Oh! I did not leave her! "- With a sense of responsible Mila. Still, she was born in Kiev and leave Ukraine with her mother Galina Loginova in 4 years. The subsequent history of women is widely known. In modeling it with a 9-year-old in the movie - 13. The first million - a 15! Mila has got houses in Los Angeles, New York and Paris. American English - without an accent (French, Russian, Serbian - fluently). Energetic mother Galya dedicated her life to the device's career talented daughter, trying to protect her from the extremes, so peculiar nature Milin. Two months before his 17th birthday with Mila ran away with the actor Sean Andrews in Las Vegas, where the couple quickly formalize relations.

A month later the mother canceled the illegal marriage. Mile now 31 years old. Its alliance with director Paul Anderson seems quite durable. And in October, awaiting the birth of his daughter. Everything calmed down? But every year one or two steep thriller with Jovovich in the title role, in which she acted with evident pleasure. It seems that all of its thermonuclear energy goes now in these roles. From today on our screens - the third film in the series "Resident Evil". The commander of the special forces Alice again saves the world. Mila ask why it is not an easy happiness?

 - You give birth soon, and you nosishsya around the world with his films. Not tired?
 - It's not the same thing! Yes, now I try to be closer to home, but I have a contract, they must perform. The worst thing is not it! I stand a good pregnancy, but always catch a cold during flights. And without the usual tablet just climb on the wall. But Paul takes care of me, makes tea with ginger and honey.

 - Why fighters?
 - For me it's the adrenaline. It all started with the movie "The Fifth Element". I love to fight! Since then I have regularly engaged in karate. For the film "Ultraviolet" director general has invented a new kind of martial arts, and I stayed for almost a year in China - trained.

 - Year-on-one movie - you do not mind the time?
 - But I do not make money in the movie. I started to model, and it gives me a basic income. I can afford to choose where and with whom and how to act. In the movie "Resident Evil 3" I liked the script - there was the development of character, Alice, and I know how it will play. We've got something like "Mad Max" in a new way. It's great!

 - Do not you think so far cost the militants were men's work?
 - This is one of the reasons that I willingly starred in such films. In America, the Hollywood studios do not trust women. In Europe, this is not! Therefore, the "Resident Evil" - European cinema. These films provide excellent cash.

 - His costume in the movie "Resident Evil 3" you composed herself?
 - Yes, under the brand name "Jovovich-Hawk." This joint venture with my girlfriend model Carmen Hawk. We do expensive, exclusive clothes. While all of our money is spent on materials and promotion. But soon we do turn around!

 - After giving birth, many actresses are afraid that they will be forgotten. You're going to be a model mom?
 - Yes, the first year, at least. And my mom is going to be a model grandmother. It is now literally mad, writes letters to the future granddaughter. But do not expect that I'll throw a movie. I understand that I can not always be removed. Century actress and model short. My biggest passion - fashion design. I want to do this for real.

 - Are you still close with her mother?
 - Oh, we have all sorts of relationships ... apparently, I mean. I am very independent since childhood, and if you do not have the strength to endure - just ran out of the house. I soon had his own apartment. But we have always been associated invisible threads, it is very insistent ... no matter what I did, I knew - in the morning to get up and work. Whether a mother nearby or not. This is her upbringing. She - the most native person to me, I really love her.

 - You and Paul 5 years together. Are not going to get married?
 - Yes, we have already got these issues. I say, "Yes, yes, yes! Going. " But not in the same form. Bride in white with belly - ugh! As a beggar! This will not happen.

 - You try themselves in various fields, write songs, sing. Rumor has it that you've written a memoir?
 - It's time (laughs)! No, the fact that I kept a diary since childhood. There have a lot of different ways, including interesting for others. I think so. From this we can do something like autobiography, but in the form of a diary. This is cool. The main thing is to finish the job.



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