"Home Recipes" for colds and headaches

I'm a very busy man match for me just a huge luxury. Every normal person to some extent exposed to cold (sore throat, influenza, acute respiratory infections, etc.) ... Here are a few in my opinion a very easy way to quickly recover ...

Tea with Raspberry:
For me, the most effective way ... On the night in a very hot tea Put 2-3 tbsp. tablespoons raspberry jam, well Bundle up warm blanket, prepare several sets Linen ... On the morning after a bath if you do not guarantee a full recovery, the improvement of health.

If a sore throat (angina, cough, sore etc.) very well to suck Streptocide (tablets quite common and cheap) ... much more effective foreign various candies.

If somewhere in the way you have come a headache, and you do not have drugs - the easiest way to relieve migraine, this massage the earlobes. Can this method and is less effective than a good drug, but it is accessible to all and always.
Tea bags:
Very good eyesight and reduced eyestrain clean disposable tea bags. Just after drank tea, put the bags on the closed eyes and lie down for 10 minutes ... vision improved.

In my opinion the nicest way to get rid of daytime sleepiness is just take, relax, close your eyes, if you go really well and try to sleep at least 10 minutes ... after that you will feel much fresher. Well, if you do not manage to nap then ... knock yourself the index finger on the nose, it also helps.

Here are just a little part of those methods that allow much time-saving and quickly improve their health.


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