In one office periodicheki vindovyh a server crashes and hangs it must restart and how to catch the moment - it is not clear, the man did not go to jail. Put next sistemnik with Linux, it is the pings a server, and when it stops responding at the linux system unit leaves the panel CD-ROM, pressing on the reset of windows. XXI century!

The wife asks her husband, a programmer:

- Honey, do you remember, when we will have a wedding anniversary?

- Of course I remember! Exactly three days after the end of the license for the antivirus.

SMS sent to his girlfriend-a-boo "Happy Groundhog beautiful day." I wrote that I goat and jerk. He tried to reach her. I do not pick up the phone. He remembered that she had started "critical days" and calmed down. In the evening, I read their SMS-ku, and saw that the word "Groundhog" missed the letter "r».

Leads the boy's mother to the doctor and says:

Doctor, look, please, that he and recordkeeping.


T-AK, from that moment pussy call a member and begin to treat syphilis.

There are two friends and said to one another: "We yesterday with her husband

such confusion out! Imagine, we were sitting, and then - knock on the door. And we're both out of habit in the closet as a lomanёmsya! .. »

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Rereading the Internet, you realize how wrong were the Bolsheviks,

with its elimination of illiteracy.

It is six months wean me swear ...

And in the end sent to the x .. :-(


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