Biofuels can destroy the planet!

Biofuels can destroy the planet!

Lately it has become fashionable to make cars, engines that run on all kinds of alternative energy sources and biofuels. Ostensibly, these are the machines will allow in the future to reduce oil consumption, reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere and generally make the world more beautiful.

However, scientists have warned that the mindless use of biofuels could lead to extremely negative results, reports "the wheel." A team of scientists from the US and Europe to examine closely the work of the engines on fuel made from corn and canola. And it turned out that such engines pollute the atmosphere much more than conventional gasoline engines! It turned out corn and rapeseed oil makes 50-70% more greenhouse gases than conventional gasoline and diesel fuel.

Scientists are calling on the government of all the major countries that have adopted the whole program for the transition to biofuels, to reflect on this issue. For now, it is made from corn and rapeseed done most of biofuels.

Interestingly, the first issue of the transition to biofuel spoke ... Fidel Castro. The leader of the Free Cuba in March of this year wrote a great article on this topic. In it, he criticized the US government plans to switch to biofuels, which, supposedly, in the future should come to replace "black gold" and remove America from dependence on oil.

According to 80-year-old revolutionary, in the future, about 3 million. People will be left without a piece of bread and die of starvation just because of the fact that George W. Bush wants to fill the cars are not familiar with oil, and a new biofuel. Indeed, it will do the most fuel from foods such as soya, maize, sunflower and so on. As a result, may increase prices for these products, and quite strongly. As a result, a huge number of people in Africa and South America can not afford to buy the most basic food and die of starvation. "It is not an exaggeration. That may be true, if the United States will not stop, "- said Fidel.


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