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Overdone prevention and precautions, you can bring yourself to this frenzy: keep walking to the doctors, they do not believe the optimistic diagnosis and wake up at night with the thought of death. This underlying fear is that the disease can not be detected on time. But here's the paradox: a man is afraid to hear his diagnosis and, therefore, delay the campaign to the expert.

- Cancerophobia affects many people, and throughout the world. This is not surprising. People are afraid that the disease would not be detected in time. They are afraid that in pharmacies not have proper medicines, and treatment is not enough money - said the deputy director of the Cancer Research Center. NN Blokhin, a corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences Mikhail Lichinitser.

And because many unscrupulous doctors and pharmacists only cashing in on the fact that someone is afraid for his life. We pay thousands for some panacea, believing all healers in a row. And the appeal to this specialist, who will inspect and, if necessary, treated us free, just afraid.

So where is it, this happy medium between the need to care about their health and neurosis?

This in an interview said Natalia Bogdanova, head of the Clinical Diagnostic Center of the Institute of Oncology. Herzen, chairman of the Club of oncologists.

- Today it was very profitable to engage in cancer prevention. After all, in order to truly ensure that such prophylaxis is successful or not, the need for many years and a large number of patients. Each advertising newspaper ads 3-4 on the prevention or treatment of cancer of any stage of the proprietary funds - to become more convincing the number of the patent, certificate and so on. Market enormous: the population cancerophobia and generally uncritical perception of such information due to lack of awareness.

The level of health, and in particular of cancer, culture in society is low. Although it is seen it differently in different social strata. There are people who think that a lot of money paying for expensive research into new-fangled medical centers, they buy off the cancer. In fact, the likelihood of malignancy reveal there is minimal.

Do not be afraid - should be treated

Another part of the population until recently did not seek medical attention. I work as an oncologist for 20 years. When just starting out, I come to accept a lot of women with advanced-stage breast cancer. They were not treated for fear of surgery. While the mammary gland was completely removed, often developed swelling of the arm, causing great suffering woman - Hand ceased to be fully operational, several times a year arose erysipelas. We operated on women was quite a hard life - lack of breast and swelling of the arm was hard to hide from others.

Since then, medicine has leaped forward. Now if the breast is removed and then immediately make plastic surgery. There were also curious cases, when we first started doing these operations. Patients treated in MLCE, and they did not believe the doctors told us you cheat, you do not have cancer - even an expert could not tell from the healthy breast operated. Gradually managed to overcome the negative psychological stereotypes, and women have become increasingly turn to doctors.

And now again began to appear women with advanced forms of the disease. When asked why not come before, usually answer that they did not want to cause material damage to his family. They already know that now is the mammary gland is not removed entirely, but are afraid that the treatment would be beyond their means. Meanwhile, due to the state policy of treatment in our institution in any other specialized institution under federal jurisdiction may pay from the federal or regional budget, if at the site can not be as skilled and high-tech care.

Phobia hits the wallet

According to official data, the population of our country spends 2, 4 billion. Dollars on dietary supplements (biologically active food supplements). Buy them, firmly believes in the healing power, are not the most wealthy people. Manufacturers and sellers of dietary supplements open their pharmacies, employ physicians acquire diagnostic equipment themselves diagnosed and treated themselves. We recently checked a popular dietary supplement. It was found that the pathology of the breast tissue is widely publicized means no effect.

The two women had been diagnosed with breast cancer. If not for our check, they would have another six months or a year were treated for mastitis. At a sufficiently large number of patients it was found fibroadenoma. The probability of degeneration of tumors in cancer is very high, more than 80%, so the operation is necessary. I'm not saying that to the company that sells "cure for mastitis" work charlatans. Rather, people are sincerely wrong. They lacked qualifications.

Differing doctor with a patient

Gradually destroys one of the best (and is recognized by WHO) systems, organization of cancer care to the population established in the Soviet Union. According to the law in effect on the date when the person suspected malignancy to diagnosis and initiation of treatment was to take no more than 10 days. And treatment can be provided only by a specialized agency. Today there is a "stripping" of the service. Surgeons any hospital or medical center operate on cancer patients, and that it needs to carry out radiation therapy, chemotherapy, do not tell. It seems like it is desirable but not necessary. Violated the process chain. Each is responsible only for its unit, the end result of each individual specialist little worried.

For proper diagnosis is necessary to know the algorithm, that is the sequence and scope of research organs and body systems and, most importantly, the timing of dynamic observation, the timing of other complementary therapies. Amateur, neonkolog, even being a competent physician can consider the whole set of factors, and therefore harms cancer patients.

Who caused great damage to relations between the physician and the patient. On the one hand, it is undeniable that medicine has become greedy, and strive to make health care worker, and health facilities. On the other - and the patient is a physician as a consumer of health services. That is at the forefront market aspects of their relationship, as well as for the successful treatment needed above all reciprocity, honesty, faith in his doctor's patient. The subject of speculation in the media and become legal showdown between doctors and patients.

A number of malignant diseases can be completely cured. To say that the cancer - the sentence is not true. Cancer disease is considered by us as chronic. How, for example, diabetes, such as heart attacks. Features oncology today is so broad that can successfully control the disease, and people can live happily ever after.

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