To give birth will be easier to give birth would be more fun!

Now the size of the monthly allowance to pregnant and postpartum women within 70 days before delivery and 70 days after the mother's salary is, but can not exceed 16,125 rubles. It is no secret that many of our women's incomes are much higher and they pay the corresponding taxes. But can not get more.

The former head of the Health Ministry, Mikhail Zurabov summer to explain why the amount will be accepted behalf of 23 400 rubles. The fact that the most of the unified social tax (UST) is payable from earnings of 280 thousand. Rubles per year. So, dividing this amount by 12 months, officials and received 23, 4 thousand rubles. Although in theory it would be possible to take into account other taxes or pay UST on the total amount of wages (the burden will fall on employers). Then-paid women will be a good reason to give birth.

Legislators did not entertain the hope that an increase in allowances for 7000 rubles will encourage women to have children. "It is a question not only of material well - continues deputy Lakhova. - The law was adopted because the newborn basket (strollers, cribs, diapers) already accounts for at least 20 thousand rubles, and in big cities, and even more ».

Experts are also concerned about the fact that the benefits reach the required destination is not always the case. "Often it is the fault of themselves as mothers who are unaware of their rights, - said the lawyer of the Moscow Bar" Knyazev and partners, "Pavel Popov. - Women should carefully study the legal acts related to motherhood, if they decide to have a child. " Lidia Mikheeva acknowledges that cases of non-payment or discrimination of young mothers in the country there is practically no. "Somewhere happens, but it is even during the Soviet era could be seen," - said the expert.


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