We're just super!

Girlfriend, if you are currently depressed, remember that ...

* We are the "fair sex".
* We do not have to wear ties.
* Sitting with legs crossed does not bring us harm.
* If we want to master male profession - we call pioneers ...
* And if they want to master the female professions - they are considered gay!
* Our mind is comparable to the mind of any man, and ... but we look better.
* If we kill someone and be able to prove that it made during the PCA - we mitigate the punishment.
* Our brain has the same capacity as men, although we have 6 billion neurons less ... So, our neurons are more productive!
* We can pay attention to several things at once.
Always we know where our socks.
* If we marry the heir to the throne - we will be queens!
* If a man marries the heir to the throne - it is simply the husband of the Queen.
* If we are changing - we are the victims ... If we change - they are cuckolds!
* In the end, it is we decide how many children to have!
* We feel like a child moves in the tummy.
* The first word that kids say - this is my mother.
* We always know that this child - ours.
* Us go on maternity leave.
* A visit to the gynecologist nicer than going to the doctor for a prostate examination.
* We are witnessing the birth of our children.
* We monogamous ... even if it means we have to go through different men, to find the right one!
* Has anyone ever heard of the man, Muse, that would inspire?
* We live longer.
* We are more resistant to infection and is easier to endure pain.
* We have fewer problems with the heart.
* We will sweat less.
* We have the advantage when it comes to the lifeboat.
* We are more sensitive.
* Women who live alone - eat better.
* We have an international day devoted to us.
* In fact, we just GREAT !!!


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