Charming Arles

The town of Arles, situated on the River Rhone in Provence, was founded in 49-46 years. BC, when Julius Caesar conquered and destroyed the nearby Marseille. Soon it became the commercial center of the region and the most important Roman post. Vincent Van Gogh lived here in the late 19th century and created around a hundred paintings and drawings. On summer days, you can watch the waves of hot air rising from the plains, as well as it did over 100 years ago, Van Gogh; olive groves and vineyards, the essential attributes of his paintings still covered limestone hills. Arles is also famous for its red-tiled roofs and the streets are so narrow that at times it will be difficult to turn around there is even

The main attraction is Le Arenas of Arles, a huge Roman amphitheater, built in the late 1st century AD Thousands of people and animals were brought here as a sacrifice for the sake of entertainment. Chariot races and melee fighting was very violent, but the audience was absolutely happy. Arenas was later rebuilt into a fortress, then a residential area, but his bloody past revived in the sold-out at the holding of bullfights. Another relic of the Roman city is the Ancient Theatre, which is almost an ideal venue for outdoor performances on festivals and film and music


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