20 cutest animals with whom we met in 2015

2015 gave us acquainted with many interesting and curious animals. But this collection is not collected exotic and ordinary, just a very, very cute animals that met us in the vast network. < Website immediately wants to introduce you to ...

1. Home fox named Rila h3>

Little fox home - the biggest sleepyhead of all, what are.

2. Japanese squirrel flying squirrel h3>

The huge eyes and tiny proteins foot so fine that the animal has even become a kind of mascot of the islanders: its image is used for railway tickets.

3. Valley, with the amusing rabbit ears in the world h3>

In Massachusetts, home to a charming rabbit Valley, endowed with long fluffy ears. He and his mistress, Molly have become stars thanks to the incredible instagrama rabbit hair.

4. Cat, who became the best babysitter h3>

Fluffy cat Larry Abel became a real boy's bodyguard and best nanny and now constantly follows him everywhere.

5. Cat chop-Kotriarh h3>

This original nickname was the cat for its incredible view of the majestic and royal manners.

6. Raccoon Pumpkin, who considers himself a dog h3>

Pumpkin Raccoon lives in the house in Nassau, the Bahamas that knows how to use the toilet, swimming in the pool, he loves watermelon and friends with two dogs, whose closest relative, in fact, himself and thinks.

7. Squirrel named Jill h3>

Proteins that people rescued and sheltered her after a fall from a tree in a hurricane in Louisiana, has become the new star of Instagram. It is so quickly fit into their new adoptive family and friends with all its inhabitants.

8. Wild fox Chukotka h3>

Russian mining engineer Ivan Kislov knows how to be happy to spend their rest breaks. During their work in Chukotka, the north-eastern region of Russia, he takes amazing photos of wild foxes.

9. Dentist Dental nicknamed Ninja and his dog mimimishnye h3>

Weekdays dentist from Alaska.

10. Bubba - cat student h3>

Red cat so often frequented the school, he even made his own identity.

11. The largest pit bull in the world h3>

Despite its intimidating size, is very good and faithful dog. Many people are afraid of pit bulls, but the Hulk - a faithful friend who never hurt a person, and always happily greets guests.

12. Small lawbreaker h3>

While patrolling bailiffs from Boulder County stumbled upon the owlet, which sat right on the roadway. He blocked the road car, so a police officer had to go out and mingle with the "perpetrator».

13. Newborn chameleon h3>

Mimishnaya small group of cute chameleon born at the zoo in Sydney Taronga Zoo.

14. Dog, 8 parrots and hamster h3>

The most unusual best friends in the world.

15. Inseparable cat and dog h3>

This sweet couple lives in Tasmania, on the southern coast of Australia. Shar Pei named Paddington and Cat Butler - inseparable friends who are always next to each other.

16. Travel together - this happiness h3>

Kelly Land, going on a journey, always takes his dog (a mix of husky, malamute and wolf) named Loki himself. Young people believe that dogs are not designed simply to keep the house, sitting in the backyard.

17. The dog with a favorite toy h3>

This dog throughout its life plays with a single favorite toy and it saves it, while not sparing the rest.

18. Charming sleep fox h3>

Fox, falling asleep on the hood of a car in the parking lot.

19. Bird hat h3>

A guy and a half years to lure the bird for the sake of pictures.

20. Stuck? Who! I? No way! H3>

Shiba Inu stuck in the bushes, but pretends that all is well.

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