10 behind the scenes facts about the filming of "The Three Musketeers"

December 25, 1979 on the television premiere of the film "The Three Musketeers." The success was stunning! The adventures of characters in the movie directed by George Jungvald-Khilkevich strana.No watched the whole, it appears, behind the scenes of adventure was even larger than the screen! Website tells about the shooting this wonderful picture.

1. Masters in the film h2>

When George Yungvald-Khil'kevich planned to shoot the film, he already knew that his painting of Louis XIII will play Oleg Tabakov, Anne of Austria - Alisa Freundlich and Porthos - Valentine Smirnitsky. < br />

According to the director, in addition to these artists, he himself does not represent anyone and no one else tried on these roles.

2. How D'Artagnan became Boyarsky h2>

Initially Mikhail Boyarsky had to play the role of the Count de Rochefort. But once he was late for rehearsal. When he was out of breath in the confusion and hurry, rushed to the shooting, the director appeared before this dramatic picture, he immediately unequivocally identified a candidate for the title role in the film.

Given that the role of D'Artagnan had already been approved by Alexander Abdulov, first George Yungvald-Khil'kevich Boyarsky offered a choice - play Athos and Aramis, and then later, thanks to the request of the composer Maxim Dunayevsky, entrusted with the role of a brave Gascon as Abdulov not cope with musical material.

An interesting detail - in Menge woman throwing dough into the Guards, playing the mother of Mikhail Boyarsky, Elena Melentyeva.

3. Athos became frustrated Holmes h2>

On the role of Athos, among other claimed Vasily Livanov. He has twice appeared in Odessa on samples - according to the director, fine, but to no avail. At some point Livanov finally turned into Holmes and disappeared. After much persuasion on the part of Athos agreed Benjamin Laughter.

4. Lady Winter was in a position h2>

On the role of Lady de Winter was approved Elena Nightingale, but she suddenly found herself in an interesting position. The director turned to a new pretender - Margarita Terekhova. "We put her chiffon blouse. Without a bra. For the first time in the history of Soviet cinema in the frame was visible female breast is not for one moment shamefaced and almost always ».

5. Cognac history of the saddest songs of the movie h2>

Even the "porn" must not only capture but also voice and mount. On the record "Songs of Athos" ("There is a count in the park Black Pond") Benjamin humor failed to pull a few simple notes. Maxim Dunaevsky Athos offered a glass of brandy before every take, making each successive take out more and more false. Record postponed, and eventually in the film version of the work was left rough unnamed singer. Smekhov terribly offended: "When the film came out, I dialed the phone regularly Dunaevsky and sang to him in a terrible voice:" There is a count in the park Black pru-ud! "The soundtrack included only one solo part Smekhova -" On volos¬ke your destiny ... "

6. Unreliable actors h2>

The first Lviv hotel "kolkhoz", which settled the Musketeers, for comfort rivaled perhaps only restaurants of Louis XIII: the water in the room was not. In protest, the Musketeers moved into a room at another hotel Khilkevich and built there a drunken brawl. Directed flustered. Actors obkomovskuyu moved to a hotel. Here the story has acquired political overtones: in the evening the actors had fun portraying figures of Marxism-Leninism, and Boyarsky mimic Brezhnev. The rooms, of course, have been equipped with "bugs" and soon convinced Khil'kevich parody talents of his actors at the local branch of the KGB, where he demonstrated a record.

Khil'kevich said that artists - "monkey", more of this will not happen again. Ironically, this explanation KGB arranged. "We were reckless at a time, to tell you honestly. And even that we are not very scared, "- says Smirnitskiy. Everything went just over Lev Durov illustrated essay "Lenin and Krupskaya" missed the title of People's Artist: the award was postponed for three years.

7. As Boyarsky mustache lost h2>

Third April started shooting. Boyarsky got used to the image before the end of grimirovki - pinched ass makeup artist, his mustache curl a little, and lost his right whisker: shy makeup artist simply burned it with forceps. The actor takes a different version: "For I grabbed her ass before the make-up! And it is not enough, and politely stroked. " I had to stick fake mustache, which sported an actor and half the picture.

8. As Boyarsky was on the balance of death h2>

During the shooting occurred another terrible story. Removed "Marlezonskogo Ballet" at the Odessa Opera House. The moment Boyarsky breaks with pendants. Rochefort - Boris Klyuyev was conceived as a man never took out his sword, so he did not work with the stunt and was not aware of the tricks of fencing sword with a pointed end. During filming Boyarsky passionate, temperamental fenced. Then Klyuyev not stand, he drew his sword and struck Boyarsky injection. Boyarsky nobody said nothing and continued to work. The director calls:

- Another double!

Boyarsky not. Khil'kevich asks:

- Mike, you ready?

He goes out, meets:


Take off another double, and again there is no Boyarsky. In those days, because of the constant marriage Soviet film had to shoot three or four takes. Khil'kevich goes after him, knowing that he again somewhere "leavens". He walks to the bathroom and saw at Boyarsky mouth krovischa whips, and he spits it.

Then, when in the hospital X-rays done, it turned out that the sword came into his palate. The wound was very deep - just a centimeter to the brain is not enough.

9. All significant places of the film were shot in a castle h2>

Filming took place in Ukraine in Lviv, Odessa and Svirzh castle Khotyn fortress. During the next three months I went installation of three series. The photo svirzh castle, which at the same time the film was "family castle D'Artagnan", "convent of the Carmelites at Bethune", "home of the executioner", "Baston Saint-Gervais».

10. Stolen fish h2>

The book Khilkevich "Behind the scenes" is an interesting episode: "I must tell you that one day musketeers drunk all you can, and subsistence including sat hungry, and then went to the store and stole a box there with smoked fish. Only this week, and ate. Boyarsky, Smirnitskiy, Starygin and Vladimir Balon. Sometimes they are joined Venia laugh. Laughter has been less ... »

The theft confess all participants, but blamed it on the then party crowd, and now a famous actor George Martirosyan. "He distracted the shop, and we pulled the box. And change the fish afterwards. But it is not stolen and borrowed. Then he apologized and gave money, "- says Boyarsky.

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