Pavlin- "gay", "raped" the British car

British aristocrat requires your insurance company 4,000 pounds ($ 8,000) to cover the cost of repairing your car, which, he said, "raped peacock-gay».

Sir Benjamin Slade (Benjamin Slade), Baronet, as write the British media, even the set warning signs next to the name Maunsel House in Somerset, where they described the event happened. As explained in the man filed his application to the insurance company, the peacock "in love" in his car and tried to make love to her.

The fact explains Slade that have a blue color only peacock, while brown in nature are surfactants. Peacock, who attacked his Lexus, was "gay" as a car, most likely, "she reminded him of another male».

"He attacked the car so aggressively that it now should be completely repainted," - says Slade.

Employees Insurance Company, meanwhile, were surprised to get a similar kind of statement. According to them, they treated the people bitten by a lion, but had never they did not have to pay the money to the customer, whose car was "raped by a peacock." "We have even banned at bay blue peacocks to the parking lot, which has a blue Lexus'y" - said a company representative.

By the way, it is possible that the statement by Benjamin Slade was another way to attract attention. Not long ago, the locals loudly discussed another of his strange trick: Slade posted in the district Ads person ready to inherit his estate, while he Baronet move to a regular municipal building, according to RBC.


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