Swiss precision in the super carts

No one knows Weber Sportcars (city Tobel, Switzerland) announced a 2-seater ultra-super-sport, which promises to surpass the record rate in the American SSC Ultimate Aero. Well, the Swiss - the acknowledged masters in regard to the technical parts. Precision machine tools, military equipment cool - not to mention the hours of famous brands. Why not build a truly highly dynamic car - so that competitors pale with envy?
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Think - done. Extreme machine called modestly: faster one. One that will ... application really serious: Behind the seat back is placed V-shaped 7-liter "eight" from the Chevrolet Corvette Z06. The same all-aluminum 16-valve unit LS 7, which is now not only adopts lazy. It seems that the case goes to the fact that General Motors Concern entirely focused on the release of a remarkable "eight", and left all other competitors. They say arrogant British, never to do what the Germans can do (nothing personal).

At Weber Sportcars GM engine thoroughly refined, although it in "normal" version is not weak (intake valves and connecting rods are made of titanium alloy, lubrication system "dry" sump ...). And for the faster one «eight» Completed 2nd compressors (with intermediate cooling) and set up a 900 (nine!) Hp 7 thousand at. rev. The maximum torque - 1050 Nm; a few super sports can boast such a high specific power. And I received a fairly simple means: LS 7 at half the cylinders inagnetateley than the monstrous 8-liter Bugatti Veyron. Four times less than the camshaft and valves. And of course, the engine faster one is much easier.

The motor works with a 6-speed "robotized" CAT; allegedly branded design - from Weber Sportcars. The power unit is an unusual configuration, "eight" is deployed in the 180 ° and the mission docked to her front. At about the same as in "Veyron" and Lamborghini Murci e lago. The fact that the "one that will" - all-wheel drive car (as mentioned super-sport): Up to 36% of engine torque being transferred - under the terms of traction with the running surface - on the front axle.

The intelligent solution - because of the enormous thrust LS 7, however, to get the high-speed "polnoprivodnika" proper handling is not so simple. For example, Murci e lago obscenities serves racing series FIA GT - and in the 24-hour race Le Mans. A Veyron at all anywhere ...

Assemblies and units faster one assembled on a supporting structure of high-strength aluminum alloy. Body panels - from rigid and light carbon fiber reinforced plastics; as a result of the Swiss ultra-super-sport supposedly weighs only 1100 kg! Hard to believe; compare with "Veyron" (sample 2006), which draws on a 2040 kg. And the "one that will" exemplary "weight distribution" of the axes: 50/50%. Suspension front and back, of course, double wishbone; coil springs, transverse stabilizers, shock absorbers adjustable stiffness. Powerful sports tires in size 285 / 25ZR front and 325 / 25ZR rear are mounted on 20-inch wheels made of magnesium alloy.

Brakes with ceramic discs (diameter 380 mm) provide the machine sturdy slowdown: with a speed of 100 km / h faster one stops at a distance of some 30 meters. And to accelerate from zero to a hundred, he is able, according to reports from the Weber Sportcars, for the incredible 2 , 5 sec. Up to 200 km / h - 6, 6 sec., To the hundreds 3 - 16, 2 seconds.! While declared maximum speed of Swiss ultra-super-sport exceeds 400 km / h. Well, here it is necessary to wait for independent testing - according to the rules. After Veyron, reported by Volkswagen AG, too, as it has shown as much 407 km / h. Who has seen?

Anyway, for such a high-speed car as the faster one gets a very special significance aerodynamics. Above it is thoroughly worked experts: a smooth bottom arranged diffuser venturi to "feed" mounted a powerful "wing." Tellingly, the angle of installation varies - depending on the speed. But under intense deceleration of the car, "wing" (50 milliseconds) is set vertically and provides additional braking force in excess of 400 kg. The highest dynamics - both on the "plus" and "minus».

Length faster one - 450 cm, width - and height of 204 - 115 cm. The doors, of course, "Guillotine - and without handles. They open and close remotely - servos. And in general, "cockpit» faster one is packed at 100: alone 6-point safety belts are worth.

Yes, it is uncompromising, "one that will" as a good Swiss watch: a million 620 thousand.! Do not worry - Swiss francs (not euros). However, even without the VAT, but in fact you take the unit to export from the country - is not it? So do not have to pay VAT.



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