As a grandmother with a grandson bought a car (a sad story)

Comes to them 18-year-old grandmother shket - a normal teenager with a completely ordinary classical grandmother. The guy starts looking cars - a long time sitting in them, asks the manager of all the details, it delves into the essence. Finally, the "client" opted for the car worth about 60 million euros (for those who do not suffer from a disease blamed for advertising - BMW330si very hot coupe).

While grandson fingered leather interior, managers, concerned about the fact that it came to the custom is clearly a buyer came to the granny and asked what was going on. It turns out the following ...
the boy's parents had long since thrown off his foster grandmother, and he was involved in the company secured the boys - got used to, of course, to amuse your self-esteem, to go before the king ordinary cattle, but the status of the "king" should disburse. And there was problem: all the boys have been purchased "rodoki" expensive devices, while the boy is not there! And so he begins each day, week after week, month after month to drive his grandmother on the brain, "Buy me, grandma, machine!" First grandmother funny, then she tried to object, and then - do not care, but in the end it is scary - and she agrees to sell the 1-room apartment, grandson to buy a car for 60 thousand euros.

* Managers of Ueli from this situation - the children of 35-40 years, to achieve goals in life such methods are not used to. Grandma reassured and told the guy that we should not take this kupeshku - it there "something is not working", and the next will come in six months. In general, preserved grandmother living space - until the next auto show, of course.

What happens further with obsessed grandson - is clear: he will find a car at another store, grandmother to sell the apartment, he sits behind the wheel and after a week or two will break a strong wheelbarrow fuck (God willing, no casualties). Wiser in doing so he is unlikely.

Managers told me this story with genuine horror in her eyes - they say, "because that's the bastard up!" "Own grandmother calmly denied the right to live his years in peace!" - Outraged guys. And I share their emotions - somehow does not fit in the head of a passion for expensive and undeserved toy with full naplevatelstvo on native rights.

The current youth, who was born on the decline of the Soviet empire and intelligently finds a market mess, soak it, everything is now clearly demonstrates a complete lack of morality in his - in any form. Sometimes this results in absurd, criminal cases of frostbite - like the recently described me the episode, when a 19-year-old bastard obchitavshis magazines about tuned cars, stabbed a woman to go to her car. But these extremes are only the tip of the iceberg, and what terrors lie in this generation whirlpool shower, remains anyone's guess. Some are already talking about the fact that this generation - fruitlessly, that it should simply be replaced, leaving no trace.

It is sad to think about it - after all people, young people who are not to blame for the fact that their parents beat them hefty bolt put on them their instruments and ran quite oherevshie making money. They, incidentally, can also be understood: having given birth to children in the late '80s, they were in no way prepared for the fact that life is so cool change - instead of working in the Institute according to the received education have to go to the cooperators, to become IChPistami, managers, brokers ... Yes, this generation cheated, betrayed, and these young parents have not found the strength not to throw in turn, their own children.

Perhaps it is such a place - a generation: the grandmother of today's young scum not laid something important in the souls of their children and grandchildren, they demonstrate what the outcome - virtually as nashkodivshego cat muzzle roughly dunk in fresh shit.

It is necessary to break the chain. We need to stop making their children of weeds - those that grow and survive on their own in any environment. It is necessary that there was a connection between the generations - love, respect, responsibility, and when these things are settled in families, they appear in public. "A child from a good family" - that should be every child, because "good family" - is not rich, and one where a father, mother and love.


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