Women before and after plastic (10 pics + text)

A whole year of 15 million American viewers watched the incredible transformation of a group of rare durnushek in no less incredible beauties. It was a real benefit of plastic surgeons on the team with beauticians, dentists, psychologists, fitness trainers and stylists.

Participants of the reality show "The Swan» (Swan), which is selected on a competitive basis, had, by analogy with the famous fairy tale by Andersen transformed from the "ugly ducklings" to "beautiful swan" ... However, for that to go through the whole chain of transformation and become the "first Swan, "a girl like any other reality show, had squabble among themselves.

For greater spectator intrigue participants forbidden to look in the mirror throughout the period of "change of personality", which lasted three months. It is not surprising that the winner after the final gala show almost went straight to the loony bin.


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