Pacific swam boat from plastic bottles

On Monday, July 26, the journey across the Pacific completed the ship,
constructed of 12, 5000 plastic bottles, according to Associated Press.
In fact, to sail from San Francisco to Sydney boat crew called
"Plastics» (Plastiki) took 128 days. To be continued ...

The idea to construct a boat of materials for recycling belongs to a native of the British family of bankers David de Rothschild. According to him, to create a "plastic", he decided in 2006, after reading the report of the United Nations that the garbage - and in particular plastic bottles - a serious threat to the world's oceans. De Rothschild decided that the use of plastic bottles to create a boat - a good way to prove that the waste can not only clog the ocean, but also be effectively used. Soon Briton and a group of his friends built a "plastic", which received its name in honor of a raft of logs "Kon-Tiki", where in 1947 the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl and five others crossed the Pacific Ocean. "Plastic" is made up of bottles held together by an organic glue made from sugar cane and cashew nuts. Mast fitted aluminum pipe used in irrigation systems. 18-meter vessel is powered by solar panels and windmills installed on its surface. Crew members also pitched on board a small garden, while traveling to diversify the diet consisting of canned and concentrates, vegetables and herbs. Total traveling attended six people. During the voyage they all lived in a small cabin - 6 4, 5 meters. Captain "Plastics" was Joe Royle - the only woman on board. At the end of travel, she said that now her only desire - is to meet with their girlfriends and drink wine with them. After traveling crew of "plastic" was going to put the boat in the processing, but now the crew abandoned the idea. According to ABC News, the vessel will be on display at the Maritime Museum of Australia.


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