How to be treated with beer?

Benefit from the unique properties of beer can only be moderate consumption. Do not drink beer often and a lot, and if you are an avid barley drink, try not to go for the two-liter mark in a week. And remember - beer alcoholism is the most dangerous.


Since then, people have learned how to brew beer, they found in it all the new healing properties. The ancient Sumerians were treated beer toothache, strips them upotreblinya mouth or inside in the form of heat. Beer rubbed his legs after a long journey, to relieve fatigue. As in the Middle Ages, doctors used it to get rid of kidney stones and treatment of physical and mental exhaustion.

Of course, the healing properties of beer inferior grape wine, but its use in health can benefit amounts. Beer can inhibit pathogenic microbes. But in the XVIII century, most medicines are taken only with beer.

With a cold.
Pour a glass of warmed beer a tablespoon of honey. Stir the drink. Drink and immediately go to bed, wrapped warmly. Instead of honey in hot beer can add eggs, cloves and cinnamon.

Compress with angina and sore throat.
Pour a glass of beer heated to 30C teaspoon of honey (at higher temperatures honey loses its properties). Stir well until completely dissolved honey. Dampen a cloth in the solution and wrap her neck, and then - a layer of polyethylene, a layer of cotton wool, a warm scarf.

• Beer - the only drink which displays the body of an aluminum salt.
• Moderate consumption of beer reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, slow down age-related decline of intelligence.
• In the beer contains active ingredients that help to break down fat in the body.
• Beer improves the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. Drunk on an empty stomach (2 / 3-1 cup) of beer relieves stomach from excess mucus, which is useful in most types of gastritis.
• Yeast great help with various infectious diseases, abrasions, acne, specific manifestations of diabetes and other diseases of the skin.
• Hops contains unique substances with sedative, hypnotic, and even mild antidepressant properties.
• A mug of beer a day - the best way to keep bones healthy.

Silicon and minerals contained in wheat and barley, directly affect the bone strength. A beer - one of the richest sources of silicon.
Beer upotreblint not recommended for hypertension, nephritis, liver cirrhosis, and diabetes during pregnancy.


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