Killed Gennady Bachinskii

On Saturday afternoon in a car accident killed one of the most famous Russian radio presenters Gennady Bachinskii. The accident occurred in the suburbs. According to preliminary data, Bachinskii tried to overtake a truck and drove into oncoming traffic. Lead was behind the wheel of a car "Volkswagen Golf" in the direction of Sergiev Posad

The accident occurred on Saturday afternoon, about 16 hours.


According to preliminary reports, the journalist was driving behind the wheel of a car "Volkswagen Golf" in the direction of Sergiev Posad, "Ekho Moskvy" reports citing ITAR-TASS. He tried to overtake a truck and drove into oncoming traffic, which collided with a utility vehicle. From injuries Bachinskii died on the spot. In the second car three people were injured.

Gennady Bachinskii born September 1, 1971 in the Altai Territory, he graduated from St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University.

On the "Mayak", he worked for about six months, together with his co-host Sergei Stillavin led the program "Positive morning Bachynskyi and Stillavin." Prior to that, also with Sergei Stillavin, he led a variety of radio stations in the Russian media group.

"It is very difficult to speak now, because it was a very close friend and quite terrific person - publishes the Radio" Mayak ", the words of Deputy Director General of Radio RTR Sergey Arkhipov, who invited Gennady Bachinskogo conduct programs of radio station" Mayak ". - Gene loved by all. I do not know a single person who spoke about it is not something that would be bad, but just did. It's just all adored. Wonderful professional publicist, a good journalist and a wonderful person. I, you know, I can not believe it until now.

In late April 2007, Gennady won "Radiomania" in the nomination "The best morning show." In addition to radio, Gennady Bachinskii participated in the TV show and appeared in films.

Gennady Bachinskogo survived by his wife and two children, a girl. The eldest of them, 10 years old, the youngest was born this fall.

Magazine Doseng expresses condolences to the family of Gennady Bachinskogo.


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