24 Interesting facts from the world of Arts

The music that sounds when booting Windows'95 is known ambient-musician Brian Eno.

American Music Conference 1977 oboe defined as "poor woodwind instrument, which no one knows how to play well».

In the UK, in the libraries often steal Knigy Guinness.

In the movie, when it is necessary to show effectively scattering splinters of stone or wall after shooting, rifle bullets charge marble.

The texts of the predictions of Nostradamus word "death" is found 139 times, "Battle" - 111 times, "blood" - 89 times, "fire" - 78 times, "plague" - 42 times, "hunger" - 38 times.

In traditional Chinese painting genres exist "Shan Shui" ("mountain-water") and "hua Nyao" ("flower-bird»).

In show business, the term "golden disc" means that copies of the disc were sold for a million dollars, and "Platinum disk" - which sold a million copies of the disc.

During the bombing of Milan in World War severely damaged the church "Santa Maria delle Grazie", which was a fresco of "The Last Supper." Of the four walls remained unresolved only one where they were shown the famous fresco.

Revenues from pornography in the United States alone account for $ 4 billion a year. Unofficial figures much more.

Famous paintings by Paolo Veronese "The Feast in the House of Levi," written in 1573, was originally called ... "The Last Supper." However, the image on the film "blasphemous feast of Venetian patricians" he judged the Inquisition, ordered him to within 3 months in the lead picture poryadok.cVeroneze simply changed its name.

Guinness World Records is issued every year since 1955. In 1957 and 1959 are not produced.

Leonardo da Vinci spent about 12 years to paint the lips "Mona Lisa».

Ludwig Beethoven originally dedicated the "Eroica Symphony" Napoleon. But when he proclaimed himself Emperor, Beethoven withdrew the dedication.

At the Venice Film Festival carpet is blue, and in Moscow - blue.

Original "Thousand and One Nights" in the translation begins, "Aladdin was a little Chinese boy».

The original name of "Gone With the Wind" - "Be-baa, black sheep».

The first official publication of the novel by Victor Erofeev "Moscow - End of the Line" took place in the magazine "Sobriety and culture».

Legend has it that Leonardo da Vinci could not find sitters in order to cancel them to the two central figures of "The Last Supper." Finally he found a model for the image of Christ among singers in the choir. But the model for Judas Da Vinci could not find another 3 years. One day he saw in a pool of dirty drunkard. He invited him to a tavern and immediately began writing him Iidu. When a drunk came to himself, he admitted that he is already posed for the artist. That was 3 years ago when he was still singing in the choir, and then Leonardo wrote with his Christ.

According to Bernini, the great Michelangelo before his death said that he regretted that he was dying at a time when only learned to read by syllables in their profession.

Fine Art by international definition is considered to be an object that: 1) its creator says such and 2) there is at least one person who agrees with him.

The most expensive film in cinema history - the Soviet film "War and Peace", released in 1968. On the creation of the film inflation took about $ 700 million based on today's exchange rate. For comparison, the production of the 3D movie "Avatar" creators worth $ 237 million.

"Iliad" Homer consists of 15,000 verses.

Alexei Tolstoy, who wrote "The Adventures of Pinocchio", the organ-grinder Pope Carlo named in honor of the author of "The Adventures of Pinocchio" - Carlo Collodi.

American Museum of Natural History - the largest in the world.

The longest kiss in film lasted 3 minutes and 3 seconds. It was in the movie «You're in the Army now» 1941.


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