September 1 - a holiday today?

Knowledge Day

The Day of Knowledge - it's the first calls and excitement, a sea of ​​flowers and white bows, and, of course, the traditional lessons in the world. It is the most awaited day for those who first crossed the threshold of the school.

September 1 - a holiday beginning of the new school year, especially for students, pupils, students, teachers and professors. Traditionally, on this day in schools, the solemn line, devoted to the beginning of the school year. With great solemnity, met at school first graders.

In colleges and universities tend to do without rulers, but the solemnity of the moment this is not reduced.

September 1 - it is a holiday for all pupils, students and their parents. We congratulate you on this wonderful day and we wish you to remember the most important: the wisdom of life. Suppose that in life you and your children will always be a place of knowledge, wisdom, to help cope with life's troubles.

And also on this day:

Flower Festival

The Netherlands has long been engaged in floriculture and tulip - one of the symbols of the Netherlands.

On the feast of all the houses, fences, cars decorated with bouquets and garlands of flowers. In the streets of the procession moving with flowers made of animal figures and heroes of fairy tales.

In the cities, there is a beautiful parade of mobile installations of flowers. Amsterdam's famous Flower Parade - the largest flower festival on the planet. Specifically, he called Aalsmeer Parade - the title suburb of Amsterdam, where the famous flower market.

On this day, the road length of 2, 5 km, leading from the suburbs of the capital, moving cars and carts decorated with flowers. The parade "participate" more than half a million flowers: chrysanthemums and lilies, freesia and roses - of different varieties and colors.

This flavorful process ends march in the center of Amsterdam, where he immediately begins a concert. The procession moves throughout the day in the city. Large floral company (hundreds of them in the Netherlands) show imagination, decorating mobile platforms or cars flowers. Stunningly beautiful.

Holidays Arts "Apollonia»

From 1 to 10 September Sozopol on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea becomes a cultural center of the region - from all over the country and Europe, as well as from Asia and America are flocking here fans of all kinds of arts, not only to relax under the warm southern sun, but also enjoy the rich cultural program of the festival. Along with famous Bulgarian artists here are their young colleagues from different countries - the artists with their exhibitions, theater groups, performers of classical music and jazz, dance troupes, writers and poets.

The foundation was laid in 1984 under the initiative of Professor Dimo ​​Dimov and the Academy of Arts "Apolonia". The city was not chosen by chance - Sozopol is one of the most beautiful Bulgarian towns with rich cultural traditions. In 1991 he was created of the Foundation of Arts "Apollo", which continued the work of the Academy of Arts. These organizations carried out for 20 years in Bulgaria a successful cultural policy: they are the organizers of the most prestigious festivals in the country - the Spring Music Festival in Sofia and Festival of Arts in Sozopol. "Apollo" - non-governmental organization, which is supported by sponsors.

During the festival all the rooms, the stage and open areas of the city are given for cultural events. Every evening at the theater is a play, ballet or a concert in the open air. The art gallery in the old town hosts an exhibition of paintings and among the best performers of classical music hold their master classes. During the holidays always find a place, and children's creativity. In the cultural home "Paisii Hilendarski" and the Archaeological Museum are poetic retsitaly and promotion of new books. Festival events are recorded by the Bulgarian media.

In 2006, the festival was attended by 7 theater companies from Bulgaria, performers of classical music from Russia, USA, Poland and England, jazz formation from Russia, France, Serbia, Switzerland, Macedonia and Poland. The festival was held Panorama Bulgarian cinema and Children's Apollonia with performances specially designed for children. This year marks the 110th anniversary of the opening of the National Academy of Arts - Sofia, and on this occasion in the halls of the Art Gallery hosted an exhibition of its graduates. His master class organizes Bulgarian virtuoso violinist Mincho Minchev.


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