The most stupid deaths

Wise advice
In New York, people hit by a car. He did not hurt, but a clever passer-by who witnessed, advised him to pretend to be seriously affected and to demand compensation. The man agreed, but as soon as he lay down again in front of the car, she moved up and crushed him to death.

Marriage final
Believing rumors that her husband was unfaithful, Vera Chervak ​​from Prague ran from the third floor and fell right on her husband, who was returning home to his beloved wife. Later, she came to the hospital, but the "apostate" died on the spot.

Hell strangers
Looking Taiwanese TV series about the supernatural, four Chinese teenagers ate melon stuffed with rat poison, "to go to travel to hell." They left a note saying: "If hell is as bad as here, we go back." Two managed to return, others apparently liked it.

Mountaineer veteran Gerard mistletoe made six ascents of Everest. He died at his home when, changing a light bulb, fell down the stairs and hit his head on the sink.

Spring back
80-year-old Adelaide Magnozo pulled out a folding cabinet bed and went to sleep. She died when the bed suddenly returned to the original position.

Farewell sway
South Korean fisherman was preparing their catch for sale. Going gut, he had raised his knife at him. However, the fish, which turned out alive, suddenly waved its tail, causing the weapon hit him in the chest. He died on the spot.

Premature burial
New Yorker Julia Carson died of a heart attack. So doctors decided. Began preparations for the funeral. Suddenly, during the funeral she regained consciousness, she sat in a coffin and asked what was going on. Her daughter Julie died on the spot from the shock.

A dream come
Linda Goode from Stounheyma, Massachusetts, canceled cruise to the Caribbean, as she dreamed that she dies in a car. Perhaps it still would have been better to go, because a few days later she was found strangled in his car in the parking lot.

Curious Varvara ...
About 50 curious gathered on the bridge of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City to watch the suicide of a young girl. Most could not bear their weight and collapsed into the river. Killed nine people. Woman rescued.

The rabbit-avenger
Farmer Vincent Karrodzhio hunted rabbits. Tired, he lay down on the grass to rest, and put a gun nearby. Running past, frightened rabbit stepped on the trigger than to avenge their brethren of ruined.

Atheist become
In Hong Kong, 65-year-old Wan Chai Fong decided to thank God for the fact that her sister was able to get out of the car accident unharmed. When she was praying in the courtyard of a block of flats where he lived with the family's son, killed her had fallen on top of a bag of cement.

... And died in one day
George Storey was born almost in one day with the magazine Life («Life." On the cover of the new edition appeared newborn Photo George subtitled "Life Begins"). The future of Story periodically publicized in the magazine - two of his marriage, fatherhood, retirement. 64-year-old George appeared in the last issue in May 2000, this time under the title "Life ends" (meaning the closure of the magazine). A few days later, George Storey died of a heart attack.

Plyushkin resting
Amygdala Balta, 86 years old, was found dead of starvation in his home on the Greek island of Evia. A bank belonging to her were 350,000 pounds and a collection of 150 gold sovereigns.

You gave birth to me ...
Ten-year boy quarreled with his father about the missing package chocolate cake. The quarrel became more emotional and desperate 38-year-old Mr. Hurst put a knife in the hand of his son to say: if you hate me so much, then kick. What son did. His father died in hospital an hour later.

Steven Hayett at age 32, survived the revolutionary transplant stomach, liver, kidney, duodenum and pancreas. Six years later, he stood on a chair to screw a light bulb. Fell, head injuries and died.

Happy to stupor
Syrian Najib Saddam 35 years, felt so happy that he decided to give up his life .... In the suicide note he said he is perfectly happy, but fears of future unhappiness.

The exhibit at the service
A resident of Bonn, Peter Gruber was killed while trying to rob the Museum of Art. Seeing the approaching guards, he panicked and tried to flee, but sharply turned the corner, stumbled upon the sword meter statue. The exhibit was called "Weapons of justice».

In a friendly
Joshua Thomas Burchett, 23, suffered an attack of hiccups and asked my friend to hit him hard in the chest. He reluctantly complied with the request, and Joshua fell on the pavement and died. He did not realize that in their family there were many cases of heart disease.

I make a career
An employee of the government of Egypt Adel Nazim Dzhergez eight years waiting for promotion. Finally seeing his name in the list of "advanced", he died on the spot from a heart attack.

And the cow fly
The driver was killed in California has wasted windshield cow. An animal in a storm came on the roadway where the car hit sent him flying, which ended on the hood of the car, ehavshey in the opposite lane.

Ukrainian poacher thrown into the river electric cable under tension. When the shock killed the fish surfaced, he went into the water to collect her, forgetting to turn off the murder weapon. As a result, to take part of their own catch. According to relatives, the hapless fisherman was going to fry nalovlennuyu fish to celebrate the first anniversary of the death of his mother in law.

Lightning fast retribution
The boss and his secretary were killed by lightning when making love in an inflatable boat in the middle of the lake in Germany. The widow of the murdered took it as divine intervention.

Jaime Dinard, 44 years old, from Colombia traveled to Maine to meet with a woman, whom he met on the internet. Perhaps the woman in the living communion did not like it, she refused to meet with him. After a while he came back to her house for evidence of love cut his throat with a chainsaw. He died in the hospital.

The fatal blunder
The circus dwarf, nicknamed Od died at the circus in northern Thailand. Jumping on the trampoline, it flew away and was swallowed zevnuvshey gippopotamihoy, wait for its release into the arena. As explained veterinarians at Hilda was developed reflex to large objects in the mouth, why she swallowed the actor.

Ringing tragedy
At the visitor's beer in Hamburg had a mobile phone that rang constantly, with a very unpleasant sound. Other clients have repeatedly asked him to turn off the machine, but he did not respond to requests. Finally, the most nervous of the visitors killed the stubborn beer bottle and surrendered to police.

The excitement
The young gymnast jumping on the couch during a party on the occasion of his seventeenth birthday. Going into the excitement, I flew out of the window from the sixth floor.

34-year-old man was found dead in the basement of his home. He dressed, to put it mildly, strange crease skirt, white bra, leather shoes and women's wig. On his head was a mask, a hose connected to the anus, which caused suffocation.

Tamagotchi hungry
Young French lost control of the car and crashed into a tree. The passenger was seriously damaged, voditelnitsa died. Her attention was diverted key Tamagotchi, which squeaked suddenly, demanding food. By pressing the right buttons, the lady had saved the life of the toy, but broke up with their own.

Santiago Alvarado trying to rob a small bike shop. Because it was dark, and his hands, he helped himself to wade through the roof, I had to hold a long flashlight in his mouth. This lighting fixture and became the cause of death when awkward robber fell face down.

Black Spot
Seven year old boy fell from a 300-meter cliff, losing his balance, he's swinging on the cross that marks the place where 10 years ago killed another man.

Charming tragedy
At the hospital were both taken four people: Shelly Mueller with a head injury, Tim Vegas with mild concussion, Brian Corcoran severely damaged gums and Pamela Klesik without two fingers on his right hand ... Muller to bring up her husband at work and farewell - in the appendage to kiss - a second showed him her breasts. It saw Tim Vegas, the driver of a passing taxi. Inspired by the spectacle discovered, he lost control and drove into the hospital building where the dentist Pamela Klesik examined mouth Corcoran. From a strong jolt doctor she jumped up and injures gums patient tool. Shocked Corcoran batted sharply jaw, biting Klesik two fingers. Muller took the head fragment of a building.

Belfry in the anus
Prosecutor Antonio Mendoza confirmed the old adage: you can laugh at yourself in any situation. Slipping on the tiles in the bathroom, he sat down on a cell phone that has brought back and placed in a vertical position his dog. The operation to extract the phone from the anus already lasted three hours because the unit cover opened. During the operation, the phone rang a few times and let the victim on this occasion such a joke that doctors and nurses really laugh. By the end, they have already decided that they will find there and the answering machine. (As a result, the phone is dead)


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