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Singing Ringing Tree has settled almost on the windy hill Pennines Lancashire County. Something this sculpture resembles a tree, which eventually bent in the wind. However, this is not just a sculpture and likeness of the body articulate invisible air masses colliding.
The wind passes through the tube branch of the mythical "tree", at the end of which (not all) are special holes. The resulting music is a bit frightening, but, nevertheless, is a bit like a mixture of sounds of a flute, whistle and hum.

On this page you can see the layers of tubes overlapped. And on YouTube appreciate the beauty of musical sound.

Due to the fact that the direction of the wind changes all the time and goes through the different layers of tubes - a sculpture never "sing" the same tune.

However, those who have already visited the hills of Lancashire (north-west of the UK), it is advised to come look at the Singing Ringing Tree in a normal (not too windy) day when the steel "organ" sounds soft and iridescent, no breaking idyllic natural surroundings, and even if merging with it.

Unusual musical sculpture - the creation of Mike Tonkin (Mike Tonkin) and Anna Liu (Anna Liu) from the duo tonkin liu - located in one of the picturesque hills (Crown Point) near the town of Burnley.

In fact, Singing Ringing Tree - only one of the four projects, united under the common name Panopticons, which sponsored the creation of the Regional Development Agency of Northwest (Northwest Regional Development Agency) and economic partnership Lancashire (Lancashire Economic Partnership).

All of them were set to captivate locals nature walks, and at the same time in small towns attract tourists who would be interested to see for unusual art objects.

A series of sculptures of the XXI century was discovered during 2006 and 2007.

Singing Ringing Tree was presented to the public in December 2006, and its name it has received from the eponymous German film "Singing ringing tree» («Das singende, klingende Bäumchen»), which was broadcast on the BBC in the 1960s.

Incidentally, the word «panopticon» (freak show) Brits put a somewhat different meaning. If the Russian language it means meeting a variety of unusual items or circular prison, where the warden is located in the center. In English he now has another meaning of: the construction of (or near) a panoramic view of the surrounding area. That is why the top places were taken Lancashire.

From the hill Crown Point offers a magnificent view across the eastern part of the county and a panoramic view of Burnley. As the locals say, in good weather you can even see the neighboring towns.

In total, the creation of this project took about 60 thousand pounds ($ 118 thousand) and 350 tubes of various sizes made of galvanized steel, which "sing" a variety of tunes spanning several octaves.

The authors emphasize that after the installation of sculpture they help engineers from the consulting company Jane Wernick Associates specifically tuned its sound so that it is in harmony with the sounds of the surrounding nature.

"It was our retreat from the light and color in the direction of sound - said Mike - it was interesting, and we learned a lot during this project."

Finally, we note that in 2007 the architectural perfection of the Singing Ringing Tree was rated Royal Institute of British Architects (Royal Institute of British Architects - RIBA). And sculptures, among other 13 winners received a national award.

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