Devil and Paladin

- Welcome! - The Devil smiled warmly logged paladinu.- you to me?
 - Yes, - I nodded paladin.
 - I am very happy, very happy. Well, Well, come in, have. To me so seldom anyone looks! Here you have the first two months.
 - Yes I am, in fact, the case - said the paladin, intercepting comfortable dvuruchnik.- me for a minute.
 - I understand, I understand - you nodded Dyavol.- heroes, very busy people. Epic Quest, I'm guessing?
 - It is - confirmed paladin.
 - Well, as usual. It's hard, I suppose, it was up to me to get?
 - Violence remained alive - a paladin sighed.
 - It is pleasant to hear - a smile bloomed Dyavol.- So, my servant is to cope with the responsibilities. I'm told it to me, one not to miss. I have a case I can not be distracted over trifles.
 - I had three weeks to collect paper - complained paladin.- What is it all for the rules? Why do I have to bring all sorts of statues of some stupid Four parchment? And how much fuss it was with five seals! I was there a little wild succubus with giblets not eaten!
 - This is the order - shrugged Dyavol.- If me could easily get any hero, there would be a pandemonium! .. Each hunting perform epic quest. So you who pesters popadja to the innkeeper, to the peasants, to the supreme sorcerers' Let quest, let the quest, give quest! "And that answer all innkeepers and great magicians?
 - "Go to hell!" - Muttered paladin.
 - Correctly. And you, of course, immediately goes. Yes, if I had not mobilized all the forces of darkness, I would have a minute rozdyha was not!
Paladin stepped awkwardly from one foot to the floor and poked the tip of the sword.
 - Well, that quest, then? - He asked.
 - Yes, like everything has a quest. Get to me, well I have done (no, I'm on the "you"?), Get Ladder. Let's bypass list, I'll sign.
 - So in fact there cares - Paladin hesitated - I do not have.
 - Why not? Sheet bypass?
 - Well, yes.
 - I do not understand. And what do you then walked up to me? How will the quest is now to take?
Paladin shyly looked away.
 - Yes, actually, I was going to kill you.
 - Me ?!
 - Yeah.
 - Kill?
 - Well, sort of ...
Devil with a height of three meters of its bird-like Paladin looked at with one eye, as if a strange and rare insect.
 - Let. And then?
 - I do not know ... Probably would have cut off his head. Or cut out the heart. What was supposed to present evidence in the murder?
The devil with the sucked air through his teeth.
 - And you for this here pinned?
 - Aha, - I nodded paladin.- So that's ... let's fight. I'll call on a fair fight.
 - And you went *** ****! - Answered the devil.
 - I tried - sheepishly admitted paladin.- but not fully reached. There are already on the second level such obstacles ..!


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