Devil (Devil)

Imagine yourself stuck with the company of strangers in the elevator of a skyscraper somewhere at the forty-fifth floor. And instead of quietly waiting fitters arrival passengers begin to go crazy and try to kill each other. Soon it becomes clear that in the elevator there is some otherworldly force. This is the Devil himself took the elevator and torments people sitting in it. And no way to get them out rescue fails. Salvation is only now in the hands of passengers.

What's all over, it's hard to say. Most likely, the end will be: "shorter all died," or saved the prettiest woman. In addition, the idea of ​​the film is very similar to the old expression: "what is nothing out of it and how to do something." And rumor has it that this film will be the first of a trilogy of "Night Chronicles", which includes scary stories about supernatural manifestation in the modern urbanized society. I hope the idea of ​​the new series will pooriginalnee. And in a world cinema too many films about hell and the Deathly elevators.

Devil (Devil), US
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Directed by: Drew Dowdle, John E. Dowdle
Cast: Geoffrey Arend, Bojana Novakovic, Logan Marshall-Green, Chris Messina, Caroline Davernas et al.
Produced by: Joseph Boccia, Drew Dowdle, John E. Dowdle
Operator: So Fujimoto
Writers: Brian Nelson, M. Night Shyamalan
Premiere (World): September 16, 2010
Premiere (RF): September 23, 2010
Budget: 10,000,000 $

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