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Of course, movies and fashion are inextricably linked. It is worth remembering one thing only Givenchy dress in the heroine Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and how important it was for the fashion industry and the cinema. The topic is very interesting and we can say is inexhaustible. But as they say, "better to see once ...»

Who has filmed a lot of films, both documentary and feature films, telling about the behind the scenes of the fashion industry, success stories of the legendary fashion designers, and even about the intricacies of communication with representatives of the special world of Vogue. Here is kinopodborka that meets these requirements, as the objectivity of the presentation, the iconic main character to the world of fashion and of course, new knowledge for sophisticated audience.

1. "The September Issue» (The September Issue)

Director: RJ Cutler

Released: 2009

This film is dedicated to the great the September issue of Vogue by as much as 600 pages, 2007. The month of September was not chosen by chance, because in this period and the beginning of autumn takes its origin trendy new year - determined the most relevant and its main trends. The result was the confession of the chief editor of Vogue and her team, who told us about his titanic labor invested in one issue of the magazine in September 2007, and what an extraordinary sensation made it in the fashion world, as well as a lot of work and time necessary to invest continuously for In order to stay on top of Olympus fashion world ...

2. "Yves Saint Laurent: Crazy Love» (L'amour fou)

Director: Pierre Torreton

Released: 2010

This is a documentary about Yves Saint Laurent, showing us not so much the genius of the designer, as his personal life, feelings and inner reflection of the legendary designer. The plot is centered on the belt line of love: a novel Laurent and Pierre Berge. And the accuracy of the information provided is confirmed by numerous interviews with Berger, as well as designer muses Catherine Deneuve and Loulou de la Falaise.

The topic I remembered my favorite famous statement, Yves Saint Laurent: In order to be beautiful, woman enough to have a black sweater, black skirt and walk arm in arm with the man she loves.

3. "Valentino: The Last Emperor» (Valentino The Last Emperor)

Director: Matt Tirnaur

Released: 2008

This film was created on the occasion of the departure of the legendary designer to retire, and resembles a love letter, but humble message and dedication to a truly luxurious style Valentino Garavani. After the picture is devoted to the king, or rather the true Emperor of high fashion. Director's Vision penetrated the inner sanctum of the great artist, to show how it works and lives than the famous Italian designer.

4. "Secrets Lagerfeld» (Lagerfeld Confidential)

Director: Rodolphe situated in Morcone

Released: 2007

Anyone wondering what the big secret sunglasses by Karl Lagerfeld. The designer never gave an answer to this question. For many years he cleverly evaded discussion of personal topics in the interview. And finally, with the camera Rudolph Marconi that took more than 150 hours of the private life of a designer, you can learn a little bit, what he really, this famous creator of fashion with gray pony tail.

5. "Haute couture» (Pret-a-porter)

Director: Robert Altman

Released: 1994

The designers, magazine editors, photographers, reporters - Robert Altman was not afraid to get all of its ironic film. Location - Paris, duration - Fashion Week. Directed properly seasoned your movie about fashion this healthy cynicism that made him only more interesting. Yes, and here it is the very pretty red-haired Julia Roberts.

6. "Coco Chanel» (Coco before Chanel)

Director: Anne Fontaine

Released: 2009

The role of the founder of the legendary fashion house takes Audrey Tautou. And it performs superbly and French. The film tells the story of most of the first steps anyone then unknown and poor Gabriel and all kinds of difficulties climbing the Olympus of fashion.

7. "The Devil Wears Prada» (The Devil wears Prada)

Director: David Frankel

Released: 2006

You go to the closet and choose, I do not know ... baggy blue sweater, because you want to show everyone that you - a serious man, and you do not care what you're wearing. But you do not know that that sweater is not just blue. Not azure not turquoise and sky blue. And you not aware that in 2002, Oscar de la Renta has created a collection of dresses of sky-blue color. And then, it seems, Yves Saint Laurent - a collection of sky-blue service jackets ... And soon the eight other designers have introduced a sky-blue color in the palette. - Sure, everyone remembers the famous monologue Miranda Priestly. The painting "The Devil Wears Prada» thundered at the box office so powerfully that surprised even its creators themselves. After all, the film became one of the most vivid illustrations of the wrong side of the fashion industry.

Interestingly, in the beginning, many fashion designers and celebrities from the fashion world ignored the film, fearing reaction from Anna Wintour, who, as they now believe, was the prototype of the Miranda Priestly. While on the other hand, some designers still gave their consent to use their clothes and accessories in the film, which ultimately made it the most expensive painting in history in terms of the cost of the costumes of the protagonists. Later Wintour and she overcame her initial skepticism, saying that she liked the picture, as the game Meryl Streep.

8. "Bill Cunningham New York» (Bill Cunningham New York)

Director: Richard Press

Released: 2010

Bill Cunningham is a veteran streetstyle-pictures. That is even necessary to say that he became the founder of this direction. After all, as soon as the bill appeared on the streets of New York with his camera, all the best mods began to dress for him. Cunningham Although he does not consider himself a photographer. But, nevertheless, known for his photographs of the stars looked outside the course - were captured in simple everyday situations, in a move on the outside. The creators of the film "Bill Cunningham New York" tried to talk about his personal life and the true fate of a good photographer and extraordinary man.

And we can not say all the expected premiere of another new film about Yves Saint Laurent. And, mainly, because of the incredible role in the successful hit Gaspard Ulliel. See for yourself - this is it:

This picture should tell us about the origin of the fashion house Yves Saint Laurent and his heyday in the 60-70-ies. Pierre Berge, a close friend of the late designer, passed him a long way in 50 years, at first did not give approval to this scenario, but later still shooting began under the direction of Bertrand Bonello.

And that's not all: in the same year and the second will be released a new picture of the famous designer (extraordinary talented people give the most delicious food for the imagination). The tape will also be biographical. This survey we must Lesperu director Jalil, who invited the lead role of a rising star of French cinema - Pierre Nina. Here are a few shots from the film:

Which of these two films deserves great praise, only rebuke the audience. So go to the movies.


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