Lethal Weapon with funny name (31 photos)

10th place: The under-barrel grenade launcher GP-30 is called "Obuvka." He can shoot the three types of grenades -
fragmentation conventional (VOG-25), to "jump" (VOG-25P) and "non-lethal" grenades "nail" with tear gas.

9th place: Missile 9M51 "Quarantine" caliber 220 mm is designed to engage manpower, soft-skinned military equipment and disclosure and destruction of natural and artificial camouflage devices. Projectile weight - 256 kg.

8th place: The atomic bomb is traditionally called in the Russian women's names. In 1951 he was tested "Maria" (RDS-3), in 1953 - "Tatiana" ("244N product"), and, finally, "Natasha" - 8U49 tactical atomic bomb.

7th place: Container Management System rockets called "Phantasmagoria" and artillery fire control system - "Skit».

6th place: ACS (Automated Management System) rocket artillery brigade called "Vivarium».

5th place: Samoletnaya satellite communication station is called "Grumpy».


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