Lethal Weapon with funny name (31 photos)

10th place: The under-barrel grenade launcher GP-30 is called "Obuvka." He can shoot the three types of grenades -
fragmentation conventional (VOG-25), to "jump" (VOG-25P) and "non-lethal" grenades "nail" with tear gas.

9th place: Missile 9M51 "Quarantine" caliber 220 mm is designed to engage manpower, soft-skinned military equipment and disclosure and destruction of natural and artificial camouflage devices. Projectile weight - 256 kg.

8th place: The atomic bomb is traditionally called in the Russian women's names. In 1951 he was tested "Maria" (RDS-3), in 1953 - "Tatiana" ("244N product"), and, finally, "Natasha" - 8U49 tactical atomic bomb.

7th place: Container Management System rockets called "Phantasmagoria" and artillery fire control system - "Skit».

6th place: ACS (Automated Management System) rocket artillery brigade called "Vivarium».

5th place: Samoletnaya satellite communication station is called "Grumpy».

4th place: It is necessary to assess the humorous defense industry, which issued handcuffs "Tenderness" and the club "argument." Telescopic baton is called "Surprise».

3rd place: "Ballerina" - a 30-mm automatic gun aircraft 9A-4071 (the photo does not it). It is designed to arm the MiG-29 and Su-27.

2nd place: Intercontinental ballistic missile RT-23 Molodets "Good" is designed to engage the strategic objectives of all types. In the west, the missile was designated SS-24 "Ssalrel" Mod 2 (PL-4).

1st place: A modified version of the famous T-72 - T-72M1 jointly combat performance can be equated to the next generation tank T-90S. T-72 is equipped with a device to protect the crew from the effects of the shock wave of a nuclear explosion, radioactive and toxic substances. He is able to overcome on a river bed to a depth of 5 meters ... This tank at the military called "Banana».

And more:

A feeling that the Russian developers of military equipment and arms slightly mocking their foreign counterparts.
In terms of the names they create art. Here in Germany there is a tank "Leopard." Israel - "Merkava" (chariots). America has tanks "Abrams" France "Leclerc", both in honor of the famous generals.

And in Russia - T-72B "Slingshot". In honor of the slingshot

Or, for example, take the Americans call their self-propelled howitzers "Paladin". And the British called his "Archer" (Archer). All the way through. Here comes the Russians and say, look here.
That is self-propelled howitzers 2S1 "Carnation»

2C3 «Acacia»

self-propelled mortar 2S4 «Tulip»

and long-range self-propelled gun 2S5 "Hyacinth»

and 2S7 "Pion", capable of firing nuclear shells.

Sniff, please bouquet!

The Americans take and call their anti-tank guided missile "Dragon". And another called "Shillelagh, County Wicklow" (baton). Everything is logical.
Here are suitable Russian and say, but take a look at this. Here antitank system 9M14M "Baby»

ATGM 9M123 "Chrysanthemum»

and anti-tank missile "Metis" with night sight "mulatto».

And so you became quite incomprehensible and frightening, the rocket was still called "Edge" (ATRA experienced as never lit). And so you have more thinking, heavy military vehicle tank support we have called "Frame».

And so you noggin spinning, the newest missile complex coastal defense they called "Ball».

And so you have a stupid smile on turnips formed, their world's most powerful 30-barrel-propelled flamethrower called TOS-1 "Pinocchio».

And if that, then there is still a 82-mm automatic mortar 2B9 "Cornflower»

company commander mortar 2B14 Podnos "Tray»

120mm. 2S12 mortar "Sani»,

intercontinental ballistic missile "Courier" with nuclear warheads

nuclear submarine Project 705 "Lira»,

and grenades grenade 7P24 "Foundling».

40mm manual six-revolving grenade RG-6 (6G30) "Dwarf»,

art radar system. reconnaissance and fire control 1L219 "Zoo»

122-mm towed howitzer D-30A "Frog»

125mm piercing projectiles 3P31 "The Mummy»,

his four anti-ship missile "Mosquito»



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