Masha Malinovsky urgently taken to Sklif

"Your Day" tells the story of the misfortune that had befallen Masha Malinovsky. Average solarium turned teledivy severe burns to 95% of the body, then it had to be urgently hospitalized in the burn center. "It was all fiery red, - told reporters one of the doctors searched the girl. - At the slightest touch to the affected places at the girl tears came. I've been working in the clinic, but that he saw for the first time. "

The cause of the catastrophic consequences of tanning became insatiable desire stars prepare for the spring season, which is why Malinowska exceeded all permissible limits the duration of the session.
Several hours later, the girl had a fever, the whole body began to burn. Exhausted from the unbearable pain, Mary has caused "fast", which brought her to the clinic. There sacrifice solarium spent hours, and then returned home, but doctors insisted on the continuation of treatment.

The fact is that when a strong thermal burns very great risk of developing cancer, which can reduce only by using a special treatment. In addition, Malinowski time to adjust their shape using silicone, and he from severe burns can literally "leak", so experts recommend teledive urgent appeal to the plastic surgeon.


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