Extra hospitalized Oleg Yankovsky

The capital's doctors found a 64-year-old actor's disease of the cardiovascular system.

The famous actor Oleg Yankovsky urgently hospitalized. The capital's doctors discovered Jankowski disease of the cardiovascular system. Health problems in 64-year-old actor is so serious that he had to be hospitalized in the emergency department of cardiology.

"I've never worried about heart - confessed the actor. - And then, imagine the doctors say that I have and sugar increased. But I am optimistic! Doctors are sure that with me everything will be alright ».

Heart bothers Oleg Yankovsky past few months. On Health of the People's Artist of the USSR, who played in more than 100 films, saying frantic pace of life: endless touring, rehearsing, shooting.

Actor was constantly on the road and could not find the time to consult a doctor. After one rehearsal in the theater "Lenk", where Oleg preparing for the premiere of "Marriage", the pain became so strong that the actor did not hesitate and immediately went to the hospital.

In one of the elite hospitals in Moscow, where the assistance requested People's Artist of the USSR, he immediately made an electrocardiogram. The results confirmed that the actor trouble with cardiovascular activity. The doctors insisted on urgent hospitalization.

After passing a thorough examination confirmed the initial diagnosis of doctors. The actor doctors diagnosed coronary heart disease. Doctors suspect that the cause of insufficient blood supply to the heart muscle are atherosclerotic blinshki, narrowing coronary arteries.

"We have appointed him medical treatment, we shall see how it will be effective - says doctor of the clinic. - Doctors are now trying to do everything possible to avoid surgery. "


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