Romantic holidays soloist "Factory"

Singer of the group "Factory" Irina Toneva long dreamed to go to Paris and live a little in the most romantic city in the world. Recently, this dream has come true singer. In the French capital Irina spent her spring vacation.

"I have long wanted to spend a long time in this city - admitted Artist. - To feel and understand it, to communicate in French. And when we girls recorded a new song "Je t`aime", I realized that it was a sign, and went to the nearest holiday is there. "

"I liked the atmosphere of this naughty and naive city - continues to Irina. - And yet struck a huge number of cafes. The impression was that all the inhabitants of the city or relax or work in these institutions. Ease of Paris is very attractive, but it has some kind of a magnetic restraint. "

In Paris, Irina Toneva inspected all the most famous sights: Notre Dame, Montmartre, the Champs Elysees. Of course, Irina did not escape the attention and the Eiffel Tower.

"Every time I put off the most interesting - a hike to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but then the weather turned bad, and was able to enjoy it only at night. Shining lights in the Eiffel Tower appeared in front of me like a UFO - says the girl. - I was standing at the foot of her 15 minutes and could not look away, as by a miracle. "

What is most curious, French Irina almost not needed, because in Paris, she met with Russian dancer cabaret "Paradise Latin" Volodya, who lived there for over 10 years, and with the former model and singer Lena.

"Familiarity with Volodya and Lena was a necessary breathing homeland - said Toneva. - Yes, and with whom, and when I'd visited Paris button factory? »

During the 10 days spent in France, the singer managed to not only assess the beauty of Paris, but also call to the north, in Normandy. "In the town of De Ville I went to the shore of the Atlantic Ocean - says lead singer of" American. " - I did not care that my shoes were soaked, because standing on the shore, I felt true happiness and freedom. "

The singer went on a trip to the Loire River, 250 km from Paris, where French kings preserved castles and parks with avenues through which walked the famous monarchs, such as Marie de Medici. The last days of vacation Irina held in the local dance school.

"I attended classes funky modern, chaos, hip-hop, veyvinga, locking - says the singer. - It was very interesting ».

Like all girls, some of the time and money spent on Irina Toneva shopping. In France, the actress bought a blue knit dress, designer jewelry, watches Japanese designer as a small tin can, linens, bags, badges and even multi-colored socks. "I was fascinated by this city a relaxed and open people, kissing everywhere and compliments at every step - Ira says. - Now that I'm going to sing a song "Je t`aime", I'll remember April in Paris, his energy. And his romance will always be with me. "

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