Juniper Grove


Distribution: wild Juniperus proizrastaet in Europe, North America and North Asia. Currently, in order to obtain the fruit (shishkoyagody) a plant is cultivated mainly in Hungarian and Italian.

Description of the plant: juniper ordinary - an evergreen coniferous shrub, rarely a small tree cypress family. The trunk is straight, branched, with gray-brown, cracked bark. Leaves (needles) needle, linear-subulate, prickly. The flowers are inconspicuous, yellow. 3elenym fruits (shishkoyagody) takes 2 years for full maturity, leaving them stained bluish-black color. Ripe fruits are picked and dried, and their surface is wrinkled.

Use in cooking: shishkoyagody juniper are an excellent seasoning for fatty meat dishes, sauces, sauerkraut and pastes, as well as to a variety of pickles and marinades. Juniper is widely used in the alcoholic beverage industry, especially in the production of gin.
Aroma and taste: from shishkoyagody juniper bitter-spicy aroma. On the palate they are sweet.


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