Temples Borowski (130 photos)

Moscow Heat hits below the belt, but because in the past weekend I brought my bike to the country and in the process of training decided to visit the ancient town of Borovsk, impressions of which are now with you and share.

Huge please do not break compilation. In it about 130 photos.

So, it all started after the first training and this picture here is made at the Kiev highway 91 km.



So, studying the map, I went to the famous St. Paphnutius of Borovsk Monastery.

Photos at the fork of the Big Concrete Ring

I turned towards Borovsk, and after a kilometer, I saw an amusing pointer ...

Naturally, I could not pass by. But, unfortunately, the church of St. Nicholas was on reconstruction.

However, the next opened a nice view of the surroundings

A little rest, I went back to the path

For the village with a funny name and the fortress Pafnutyevo Borovsky monastery

In the same monastery is a temple of the Holy. Martyr Demetrius

The walls of the monastery inspire ...

For hundreds of years, these walls have seen a truly historical figures

Seeing people with empty cans, I realized that there is a source. As it turns out, is located near the source of the font. I did not fail to collect the holy water.

After washing and sipping, I went on to inspect the monastery

Inside was unable to go because I was veloforme. But I did not deny myself the pleasure to photograph the outside

That domes of churches in the monastery

On the way back the route of the first day of travel I came across a monument to the dead pilots near g.Ermolino

The second day I decided to devote directly to the city Borovsk

The terrain there is harsh, but very picturesque

Photos from the workplace =)

At the entrance to the village located Borovsk Grove

On the face of it neprimechatelen, if not the Virgin Mary Church, located in the side of the road

At the church there is a cemetery in which are buried dynasties of priests and ordinary citizens

I note that this wonderful bell tower of the church just

And from the temple itself offers excellent views of the city Borovsk

Away from the temple noticed an interesting plate

Thank you for the hospitality village grove, but it was time to continue their journey

And so I came to the town of Borovsk!

Almost at the entrance to the city welcomes visitors to the temple of Boris and Gleb

He, too, has recently celebrated 300 years

What evidence and plaque near

Food down the Kommunisticheskaya and meet here such abandonment of Christianity ...

Next to the abandoned church organized a small depot

I do not have time to drive off as my eye catches a pointer here

The apartment is now the father of astronautics among ordinary suburban areas

12 years spent here Tsiolkovsky

He worked on a project managed metallic balloon

Leaving back to the main street of the city. Stay on track bridge over the river Protva (paratvena)

Oh, and how could I talk about Borovsk not show you pictures of wonderful drawings of the artist Ovchinnikov?

The painting "Ring time»

To the right of her poems complement Miller:
Live, wielding centuries
Epochs, continents,
All worlds, then to
With great difficulty to comprehend
Heartbeats and sighs
Single epoch

At the same house windows are not real =)

But it seems that the characters are about to come to life

In the house next door located Globe Borovsk

Everything is as it should be, with the symbols =)

On the same wall there is a map for the curious pictures of the city

Further, in my opinion, is the large-scale creation of the artist

House "In the Name of Russia»

He stands on a steep rise

And painted on it historical characters

Glorified in military business

But dealing directly with Borovsk

Decorate everything again verses

Further, at the rate the central square of the town with another church

Just at the moment of my arrival, the clock struck half hour

To the left of the entrance to the temple I see another fresco

And the logical continuation of it)

Turning 180 degrees, I see one more work =)

There's also a brief historical background

Close to the local library meet the bust of the philosopher

On the central square of everything as it should be

In fact, there had to be a train station. The station was built, but there is no way =)

On the outskirts of the city is another nameless temple ...

The road goes nowhere ... I turn to home

A small piece of positive =)

On the way back I meet another drawing

Actually, the name

And a few masterpieces on the way back

«Old Town»

Before turning on the bridge over Protva meet positive desire =)

These are tough pitching in Borovsk!

And tour ended

I hardly even saw half of the city

But I know that definitely will come back here!


I have everything =)



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