Who's Who at work

Common phrases of the characteristics of employees and their true meaning

Dynamic worker - always hanging around somewhere
Has representational skills - famously lying
Sociable - a lot of trepidation on the phone
Refers to work as a top priority in life - so ugly that even a woman can not find
Sociable - supports every booze
Independent worker - one does not know what he was doing
Quick thinking - always ready excuses
It has suspended judgment - does not make decisions
A rational approach to complex tasks - can be folded to push work on other
Show attention to detail - slowpoke
Has leadership skills - at meetings yells loudest
It has a sense of humor - knows a lot of dirty jokes
Focuses on career development - is ready for a career any podlyanku
Faithful to the interests of the company - a donkey that work anywhere else can not find
Strive to improve - the staff treats beer
It is of great value to the company - as a rule is to work on time
Quiet in nature - sleeping on the job


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