Advantages and disadvantages of friendship at work

It is said that people who have friends at work - real lucky. After all, a third of their life that they have to work hard, they simultaneously carried out with people (or person) are close to them in spirit. But, as experience shows, is that you have friends at work, there are not only advantages but also disadvantages.

"Plus" friendship at work

1. A favorable atmosphere

We know how much depends on the atmosphere at work. It's one thing when all around people you do not absolutely lovely. It's quite another - a friend.

Job running away with joy, because even before the start of the day have time to share all the happy and sad events in his personal life. Sure, friends brighten our lives, do not give a sad and discouraged.

2. Assistance and mutual

Rare colleague will spend their time to help you if you have a lot of work and you're just not physically have time.

But the real girlfriend necessarily help, because knows that if necessary you will not throw it too. In short, it's great when at work is a man, on whose assistance you can always count.

3. In the course of all cases

Single person, first of all, suffers from a lack of information. Previously, in times of shortage, best friend tells you, which will give the sausage and tights. Now the situation has changed slightly.

If you have a friend in accounting, you know, when the advance payment or salary. Girlfriend of the receiving report, when the boss leaves for a meeting (and you with peace of mind you can run to the store or barber shop).

4. warned of "the danger»

When clouds gather over you, who does not like a friend tell you about it? You'll be able to "prepare" for an offensive, consider how to respond to the "bombing", and have time to establish yourself a decent alibi.

5. The "cover»

Girlfriend always "cover up" you if you, for example, late for work, or vice versa, "running away" before.

- She went to the committee in retail trade, - answer without hesitation friend, though well aware that you're doing a manicure before the upcoming rendezvous or take away the child from the school of music (because her husband could not now).

"Minus" friendship at work

1. A lot of time is spent talking

Sometimes you notice that a lot of working time is really spent on calls. This is particularly evident if your salary depends on the work performed.

If, for example, all the journalist "sokabinetnitsy" - girlfriend, she would write a lot less than if they worked in the office alone. Thus, labor productivity and wages suffer while you enjoy socializing with my girlfriend.

2. The mixed assessment of friendship guidance

Incidentally, friendship in the team considered ambiguous and guidance. Chief of like when there is no squabbles and scandals, but the friendship he also does not welcome.

First, most managers believed that office - this is not a club of interest and need to go to work with only one purpose, namely to increase the profitability of the enterprise and constantly improve the company's image.

Secondly, any friendship (and especially smoking breaks of 20 minutes) takes up valuable working time.

Third, when subordinates are friends, they can unite against the chief, and cover each other. In this case, the boss will simply not aware of the many "puncture" and mistakes in work that will be carefully hiding the joint efforts of friends.

Chiefs periodically demonstrate their opposition to the friendship between colleagues, in particular, are transplanted them from room to room (well, just like in school - not to talk in the classroom).

3. The quarrels are bad for efficiency of

Even the most inseparable friends are quarreling. You can not divide a man or show selfishness in relation to each other. And if you are both also still and stubborn (and not used yield), the quarrel may be delayed. Here then go to work you no longer want. The efficiency decreases, and the mood - "at zero».

4. Secret Weapon

God forbid you do not share with a friend something on paper. For example, a claim to the same position of leadership. Competition will lead not only to end friendships, but also to the fact that all your piercings may become known to management.

5. Risk of exposure

And yet we should not forget that a friend knows not only about your job secrets, but the details of your personal life. Of course, to reveal their "whole world" would be the height of meanness. But for some reason you start to fear.

After all, in order to, he found himself in the same company, "plump" your husband that you're flirting (or even secretly met) with a colleague at work, make great efforts not. But ruin your personal life that you can.

Friends or not friends - that is the question. Of course, to make friends. But remember that no one will keep your secrets better than you yourself. So do not tell me everything, even the best friends. And you'll be much more secure and at work and at home, than even the most bosom friend.

Author: Marina Tumovskaya
Magazine for women MyJane


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