The US Army will present the first military system of the future

The US Army on the occasion of the upcoming June 14 celebration of the 233rd anniversary of its formation next week for the first time introduce self-propelled artillery (ACS) NLOS-C (Non Line of Sight - Cannon), developed in the framework of the "Future Combat Systems┬╗ (FCS ).
The official presentation of the 155-mm self-propelled howitzer NLOS-C, which will be the first Future Combat Systems US Army planned in the National Mall directly opposite the US Congress in Washington.

It is expected that by December 2008, five full-scale prototypes of promising SAU NLOS-C in the base configuration will be delivered to Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona for a comprehensive testing and evaluation of their compliance with the requirements. In early 2009, will come three more advanced prototypes.

Earlier, the US Army suffered only individual subsystems NLOS-C, including themselves howitzers. Tests of a new chassis with a hybrid power plant, which consists of a diesel engine, generator and electric motors, has not yet been carried out.

It is planned that in 2010 the US Army will begin testing of tactical combat use ACS NLOS-C at the site of Fort Bliss, Texas. In the battle of the first self-propelled howitzers will arrive in 2014.


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