Boyarsky criticized Guus Hiddink

An avid fan of "Zenith" Mikhail Boyarsky does not expect and does not believe in the victory of our national team at Euro 2008. Perhaps he is haunted by the disqualification of the St. Petersburg team leader Andrei Arshavin. Boyarsky did not approve of the work of national team coach Guus Hiddink.


"I do not really understand how Guus Hiddink distribute the players on the green field. He kept changing, and so to the end and was not identified - said Mikhail irritation and resentment. - Circumstances not in our favor, as the main players in the beginning do not play ».

Mikhail Boyarsky said that peep into Austria for a day, but then - just before. Apparently, in protest. "I'll be in Austria only to football matches to support the team, and then come back," - he said.

According to Mikhail Boyarsky, the chances of our team 50-50, and can only rely on luck, which maybe even bring our team to the finals. He even refused to give his traditional oath in the event of victory.

"No, I will not swear on the victory of our team. I am a fan of "Zenith". They will play in Monaco with the "Manchester United" - that's interesting. Well, the European tournament I look easy. A beautiful sight. "

The only good news is that Boyarsky, not believing in the victory of the Russian team, it will be rooting for her, not for the teams of other countries:

"No, not at any of the other teams, I will not sick, just ours. And Germany wins, as always, "- with a sense of doom said Boyarsky.

Note, no football, no historical pattern that does not justify the assumption Boyarsky Germany last took priority at the European Championship 12 years ago.

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