Gus becomes a folk hero

A resident of Novosibirsk Elena Gorodnikova decided to name his son after the coach of the Russian team the Dutchman Guus Hiddink. 30-year-old Siberian supported her husband in such an emotional impulse, because, according to her, is also delighted with the game of our team.

While the young mother is in the hospital, but she was already firmly decided that the son would be Gus.

 - Older - would tease him a goose! - Helen dissuade doctors of the hospital.

However, a happy mom is sure that his son will grow the strongest, smartest and become a national hero, what became of all (or nearly all) of the Russians, Mr. Hiddink.

 - Our dad was a fan of the team and as soon as we won in the quarterfinals of the European Football Championships, immediately called me, - says Elena. - I'm so excited that I started having contractions on this day. My husband has told me a joke, they say, a son - must call Gus. But first I wanted a girl, because I already have two sons. But, apparently, have to bear the football team!

On the night of June 22, Elena boy was born weighing 3100 g

Small Gusik is only sniffs, but is already showing a strong-willed character - requires a parent hands and shouting at the staff of the hospital.

 - What exactly is the head! - Laughing happy mommy.

Male Eugene wife in such a hurry that it is directly in the House wrote a statement to the registry office: "Please call my son, born June 22, 2008, Gus Yevgenyevich Gorodnikova».

The receptionists were so surprised by the choice of name, which they found in the corresponding list, which ... was asked to think within a month!

 - Strange people - a good-natured smile Elena. - Will Gus - and everything!

Unlike family Gorodnikova family hop from Yekaterinburg to obstruct the registry office did not. Elena and Vyacheslav two weeks will receive a birth certificate of a small Guus Vyacheslavovich Khmeleva. Ural Gosling was born weighing 3200 grams directly during the broadcast of the historic match against the Netherlands.

 - Very unusual name - says an employee of the hospital Valentine Zdarina. - Before children are often called names serials - and we were Izaura and Cruz. But recently, children with the names of famous people is not enough. So when we heard the desire of Helena called her son Gus, look at the baby has the whole hospital! How does the namesake of the famous coach. Hence


Born in a mobile zoo rysyat named in honor of the heroes of the crushing victory of Russian football team over the Dutch - Roman Pavlyuchenko and Andrei Arshavin.

The director of the zoo is even ready to give newborns rysyat hero of the match - Arshavin and Pavlyuchenko.

 - We will be happy to make such a gift to the players! - I do not contain their emotions Hamlet Ashotovich. - With leaders like Putin and Medvedev, with such heroes as Pavlyuchenko and Arshavin, Russia will always win! Hence

************************************************** ******************
Verblyuzhenka born two days before the victory of the Russian team in the match against the Dutch, zoologists Arshoy named after the hero of the game Andrei Arshavin.

 - Arsha - the firstborn of our camels - smiling zoo employee Daut Achmat. - Her appearance we waited for 4 years! Birth Arshenki - no less sensational than the victory of our team. After all, all of a sudden the baby was born completely white! Young mother so worried about her daughter that she was ready to trample and spat anyone trying to approach the cage. Formidable camel have to drive away from the baby spade that we have examined it.

According to zoologists, Arsha very brave and nimble camel.

 - Same as her namesake - smiles Daut Ahmatov. - We have already approached people who are ready to buy a nice crumb for any money! But we all refuse. This Arsha we need ourselves!


I am sure that after hours there will be options nesklko names for newborns related to the success of our sboronoy Cup. via zagda


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