In runet a panic because of the mysterious ICQ-number, which he added to the contact list

June 19 and 20 for most users online messenger ICQ
and compatible programs (including QIP and Adium and mobile clients) in the
General contact list appeared contact ICQ System under the number 12111.

It is unknown where and for what purpose appeared 12111. Internet servers in discussions on forums and blogs suggest that this is the result of efforts to en masse to change passwords or steal other people's rooms have ICQ. They recommend to remove a contact, and change the password.

Another suggestion is to users that the number can be used for mass mailing advertising.

The specialists of the search service Google, a user with the nickname ICQ System appeared in 99% of the users of services ICQ, QIP.

Unexpected user difficult to notice - he added, but is not authorized, therefore, is offline. He added to the list of contacts to the group General, even before the group was not a user.

Internet forums are full versions of the incident, said RIA "Novosti". Some Russian Internet users have reported that after the appearance on the contact list by mysterious 12111 to "ICQ" no longer fit your password.

Experts suggest to proceed as follows: remove your contact from the list by 12111, remove it from your contacts and change your password. Another proposed option of entering this number in the "blacklist." By the way, some users "ASEC" argue that deleting "unexpected guest" some contacts disappear.

The official version of the incident yet.


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