ICQ users were left without communications

AOL has disabled third-party customers.

Many ICQ users around the world were left without communications due to power third-party customers.

Evening of July 1, many ICQ users had problems connecting to the server. The bug is on the client side and not affect the official. The fact that AOL has increased the requirements for the protocol (up ICQ6) on their servers, thereby disconnecting from its network of "objectionable" alternative customers.

However, the update for these programs came almost immediately. So popular in Russia QiP updated to version 8070, which is operating normally. If you use an earlier version, the message server of ICQ to update the program.

Download QiP 8070 on the site of the developer.

Also, problems have arisen and users of other clients under the informal ICQ, but much depends on the version of the program. For example, some assembly Miranda escaped malfunction. In any case, if the site developer has updated the program associated with the failure of July 1, it should be set.

In addition, users and affected operating systems other than Windows. So the Mac stopped working Adium. Its renewal is not work, but there are reports that it is nominally working version of Adium 1.1.2 ...


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