Why the users will start randomly click the mouse when the program freeze

The forum designers and expert on computer interfaces, UX StackЕxchange there was an interesting discussion about the strange behavior of users in case of braking or unresponsive program.
Experts said that regardless of qualifications, in such situations, users behave identically: they start to quickly klatsat mouse on the screen. Novice users click in random areas of the screen. Experienced users understand that the program may be late to respond to these clicks, so they click in areas that obviously will not be able to influence any process.

According to experts, after random clicks, users start to give the keys. Novice users push on Enter and Esc, and power users — Ctrl-Alt-Del. Key Entеr default starts the process, and the Escape key was invented as psychological assistance in difficult situations, the type of "help-out-of-this-hell", so that users act instinctively, but very predictable.

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