Watermelon acts on the body in the same way as Viagra

Earlier this fruit (watermelon and concerns to him) was known only for its diuretic properties. Now scientists say that addiction watermelon and promises a more pleasant effect - an increase in male libido

- The more we study the properties of various fruits and berries, the more aware of just how rich in these natural sources of useful substances for the human body - recognized Dr. Bhima Patil, head of the Texas Center for the Study of fruits and vegetables. It was under his leadership, a group of scientists conducted a regular study of the properties of watermelon and came to the conclusion that this berry may soon replace a well-known drug like Viagra.

The fact that, as in other fruits, in watermelon contains many nutrients (nutrient) - pigments, amino acids, proteins, and so on. Reacts with the enzymes of the human body, they stimulate or inhibit certain processes of our organism. From already studied nutrients watermelon contains beta-carotene and lycopene; They strengthen the immune system, good effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems, and protect against cancer.

But this nutrient as tsirtullin, as contained in the red pulp of the berries, while the scientists are not very well known. But one of its properties, have found physicians, "covers" all the remaining mysteries of the vitamin: during processing by the body, citrulline is converted to arginine, and he has dilates blood vessels and thus has an effect similar to the effect of Viagra.

- Besides the fact that arginine treats and even prevents eriktilnuyu dysfunction, he is also strengthens the heart muscle, the immune system and helps fight diabetes of the second type - adds Dr. Patil.

And this is also the usefulness of watermelon do not end there. Consumption of this product helps urinary system, removes toxins from the body, cures sore throat, and lowers blood pressure.


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